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No Better Time To Learn A Trade

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Are you thinking about becoming part of the trade industry? Considering a career and looking to learn a trade to become an electrician, plumber or gas engineer?

You may have some reservations about joining the industry. Will you get able to find work and will there be a steady flow of it? Well, there’s actually no better time than now to learn a trade. According to a recent survey from Plumbfix, the UK’s tradespeople are saying that they’re overwhelmed with work.

“The good times will continue”

Nearly half (44%) of the UK’s plumbers, gas engineers and electricians say they’re quoting for more work now than they were this time last year. 67% of tradespeople say they have enough work. Whilst 16% say they have more offers for work than they can actually do. 48% of those questioned in the survey said that they think the good times are to continue. Believing that business will improve even more over the next year.

Andrew Livingston, the chief executive officer of Plumbfix, said:

“The optimism seen among the UK’s tradespeople at the start of 2016 is continuing, however, there also seems to be more uncertainty on the nation’s economic outlook from the trade. Despite this, it is very encouraging to see that many continue to be in work, with more jobs to come, which is something we see reflected by our busy trade customers across our network of Plumbfix trade counters.”

In an article recently published by The Independent, it’s been reported that nine in 10 employers are struggling to recruit the skilled staff they need. And with Brexit set to have even more of an impact, skilled workers are needed now more than ever.

So if you’ve been looking to learn a trade and/or are considering a career change, now’s the time to do it. Talk to one of our Options Skills advisors on 0800 802 1306 or fill in our online contact form. Our advisors can tell you all to need to know about our trade courses. Book on to our gasplumbing or electrical course now and soon you’ll be working in the industry.

All data correct at time of publication.