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Past Trainees Recommend Options Skills

Gas student testing a gas fire

Customer feedback is essential for any company looking to develop and grow.

While things may be ticking along nicely, there is always room for improvement, and that’s something we take seriously at Options Skills.

Feedback allows us to understand what’s working well and can improve our trainee’s experience.

We regularly encourage our trainees to leave us feedback via Google, Feefo and Facebook as this not only helps us but benefits others when they are researching training providers.

Staying In Touch

Staying in touch with students once they’ve completed their training is something we love to do.

Mostly, we love to keep up with them on their journey in the trades industry. But it also allows us to gain insight. They know the Options Skills training process better than anyone, so their feedback is invaluable.

And, it provides us with the chance to support them should they need it, whether with advice or career development help.

Customer Feedback

Our most recent customer feedback was a pleasure to read. This last year has been challenging for everyone, so hearing our past trainees are doing well is fantastic.

Of course, job security has been a huge concern for so many since we first entered lockdown in 2020. But, thankfully, tradespeople never really stopped working. A stable career choice, gas engineers and electricians were in demand and continued working.

Most of those who completed our latest customer feedback survey said they felt secure in their current role.

That’s no surprise as for a long time, the demand for tradespeople has only increased. And with the housing market continuing to grow, it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

Who Are Our Trainees?

While many were already part of the trades industry, working as plumbers, labourers and carpenters, many were new entrants.

Options Skills trainees come from various career backgrounds, from call centre advisors and security guards to sales advisors and factory workers.

We take into account a person’s experience when arranging their training. Our courses are designed with new entrants in mind, going through the trade’s essential skills in the first stage of training. However, if a trainee already has experience under their belt, we’re more than happy to accommodate and offer tailored training plans.

Why people choose to enter the trades can vary greatly.

Many people become bored in their current roles and want a new challenge. Others want to follow in the footsteps of a family member or add to their skillset. Whatever the reason, Options Skills trainees are passionate about learning a trade, and we’re honoured to help them make their dreams a reality.


A career in the trades provides job security and offers options.

The industry’s flexibility enables tradespeople to work in a way that suits them. And this is something that is an essential factor for so many people.

Most trainees now work on a self-employed basis, with 42% out in the working world setting their working hours and pay rate.

31% are working on an employed basis. Therefore, it is an excellent option for many as it provides stability, set working hours, and a stable monthly wage.

Sub-contract is another option for tradespeople. Acting as an in-between employed and self-employed option, large firms hire tradespeople to complete specific aspects of a project, and 10% of our past trainees choose to work in this way.

Other than that, setting up your own limited company is an option. And almost 11% of the past trainees who took part in our customer feedback survey have done just that.

Future Plans

While 11% are already business owners, that doesn’t mean the others don’t have plans to be. Almost 40% of respondents have plans to set up their own business in the future.

Something we actively encourage, we even have a small business guide on our blog for past students and anyone else looking for a bit of advice.

And it doesn’t stop there. One small business of the great things about the trades is there is always room to learn more and improve your skills.

So it comes as no surprise that almost half of our past trainees have plans to upskill in the future, adding more strings to their bow.

We regularly find past domestic gas students looking to complete our NVQ level 3 electrical training course and vice versa.

Recommending Options Skills

Ultimately, we want our training and support to be good enough that students would recommend us to others.

There is no bigger compliment than someone recommending us to someone else. It shows us that we’re doing the right thing, our trainees are happy and our courses deliver.

So we’re pleased to say that, as well as hundreds of 5-star reviews and numerous success stories, 80% of respondents would recommend Options Skills to a friend.

All data correct at time of publication.