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What Do Plumbers Really Think Of The Trade?

Trainee plumber screwing clip to the wall

We recently found out that plumbers are the happiest workers, so we’re now delving a little deeper, discovering what makes them tick and what plumbers really think of the trade.

A recent survey carried out by Wavin has uncovered a wide range of things about the modern-day plumber. It’s clear that some things never change, but the survey unearthed a few surprising facts.

We already know that plumbers are the happiest workers in Britain. Because of this, it came as no surprise that 86% of plumbers would recommend it as a career. They state for this are high job satisfaction and an abundance of work. On the flip side, more than half said that the skills gap is a huge threat to today’s plumbing industry.

On The Job

32% of respondents have seen a decline in the amount of copper they’re using. Instead, they’re making the most of other materials on the market. Working with customers, 48% of plumbers have said that prompt payment makes a perfect customer and is highly appreciated.

A Plumber’s Lunch

We know that to keep working to the best of our ability, we need fuel, and plumbers are no different. 47% love a cup of tea, whilst 65% prefer to munch on a sandwich over their lunch break. And what might they be checking whilst on their lunch break? The football scores most likely, with 48% of those surveyed saying football is their preferred sport.

Plumbers Outside Of Work

Outside of work, plumbers love to spend time in the great outdoors or enjoy a meal in a popular high street restaurant.

Plumbers these days might be struggling for free time due to there being more work out there than plumbers can take on.

Karen Stables, Marketing Manager at Hep2O, commented:

“It is no secret that the construction industry is in the midst of a skills shortage. Earlier this year, it was revealed that plumbing is just one of many skilled professions where demand outweighs supply and, without intervention, this can only get worse. Our survey only reinforces how large scale the issue is becoming.”

A Career As A Plumber

Plumbing can be a great career move for so many. You can go self-employed and be your own boss. Set your own hours and rate of pay. And most importantly, you’ll be helping people. Making sure they’ve got hot water and heating, leaks are taken care of immediately and providing people with peace of mind.

If, after finding out what plumbers think of the trade, you feel a career in the plumbing industry sounds like it could be for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 802 1306. Alternatively, fill in our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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