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Plumbers You Should Be Following

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10 Plumbers To Follow On Social Media

Thousands of tradespeople are on social media, inspiring others to learn a trade and helping other tradies. So, we’ve hand-picked ten plumbers that you should be following.

Whether you’re part of the plumbing industry already, want to join, or just like impressive installs, you won’t want to miss out.

Networking with others in your industry is the perfect way to learn, be inspired and make friends. And no one does it better than the trades industry. Plumbers across social are sharing their work, tips, and advice to help others in the industry. 

And if you fancy branching out, we’ve also covered the electriciansgas engineers and other tradespeople we think you need to follow!

Selfie photograph of Brian wearing a black cap and hoody sitting in a van

Brian - @Bri_Plumber

A growing name in the plumbing and heating industry, Brian is all about good tools and workmanship.

His installs are works of art, and you’ll find plenty of videos and pictures of his work, along with brand recommendations and tool demonstrations.


Carl wearing a grey hoody and hi vis jacket, holding a pipe bender and copper piping

Carl - @Gasladd

A plumber and gas apprentice, biker and dog lover, Carl shares it all over on Instagram. The winner of the HIA Rising Star award in 2021, he’s certainly one to watch whether you’re just getting started in the trades or not. 

After a severe hand injury, he was told he would never work manually again, but Carl refused to give up. Being offered an apprenticeship if he could rehab his hand, he not only did that but trained himself to use his non-dominant hand as well. As a result, he started his plumbing apprenticeship at 36, is working towards his gas and is living proof that anything is possible if you have the grit and determination to make it happen.


Pink Plumbing & Heating logo

Helena - @pink_plumbing_hjs

If you like pink and or plumbing, this is the account for you! Helena is a plumber and gas engineer – passing her ACS in July last year. Launching her Instagram account in 2019, Helena has gained a 7.5k-strong following thanks to her open, honest and charming personality and, of course, her plumbing and heating-related posts.

Instagram | TikTok 

Jay reaching towards the camera with a city skyline background

Jay - @Mr.london_plumber_

Want to know what life is like for a plumber in London? Or do you fancy learning more about the trade? Mr London Plumber has got you covered.

Education is what he’s all about, regularly sharing how-tos and chatty advice videos; Jay has a wealth of knowledge and skills to share, making him well worth following for all plumbers!


Selfie of Paul, wearing a grey jacket while sitting in his van

Paul - @Paulob19

Prefer Twitter to Instagram? Don’t worry, because there are plenty of great plumbers on there as well, like Paul – a plumbing and heating engineer.

Sharing everything from tips of the trade to the tool bag he uses, it’s no wonder he’s got a following of over 1.5k.


Photo of a plumbing and gas engineer Richard taken while sitting in his work van

Richard - @R_colby_85

A past student of Options Skills, Richard completed our domestic gas course and has since been working in the gas industry for several years, going from strength to strength!

A regular poster on Twitter, he covers everything from tools of the trade to stories of a plumbing and heating engineer.


Rob - @Drboilers

Dr Boilers is living the #GasDream and sharing it on Instagram and Twitter. From being a regular participant in #TradesTalk to sharing plenty of photos of his work, he keeps busy! And be sure to keep an eye out for Johann’s appearances.

Instagram | Twitter

Pink Plumbing and Property Maintenance logo

Sophie - @soph_pink.plumbing

Nominated for the HIA Rising Star 2022 award, Sophie is NVQ level 2 qualified. But she hasn’t stopped there and is now working towards her level 3 and gas quals. Sophie is well known in the industry, with over 7000 people following her for her inspiring and informative content.

Instagram | YouTube

SNL Plumbing Logo

Stan - @snl.plumbing

Stan is the owner of SNL Plumbing, based in London and is a massive part of the online plumbing community. Regularly sharing his work on Instagram, you’ll also find funny videos and plenty of merch and tool recommendations – plumbers and other tradies will learn a lot from him!

Instagram | Twitter

Fairway Heating & Property logo

Tyson - @fairway_heating_and_plumbing

If you’re looking for stunning installs with everything from heated swimming pools to luxurious bathrooms, Tyson is someone you need to follow! It’s no surprise over 6000 people already are. 

As well as plumbing advice, he’s happy to share his thoughts on using social media as a business tool.

It’s a great business tool, you can learn a lot from it, and you can meet many people within the trades so that you don’t feel alone. 

I recommend that anyone starting in it not get caught up in what they see online; not everything is the truth; people are usually putting up their best work or just what they want you to see. So not everything you see is the truth, don’t get caught up in negativity.

Whatever you put into it, you’ll get out. If you put a lot of time into social media, you’ll get a lot out of it; it just takes time.”

Instagram | YouTube

Why Use Social Media In The Trades?

Not only is social media a great place to meet like-minded people, network with those in your industry and just generally have fun, it can also be hugely beneficial for business. While it does require time and effort, the outcome is worth it when you find yourself enjoying your job more and seeing business boom.

If you’re new to the world of social media, don’t worry, we’ve covered how you can get started in just a few steps. 

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