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Plumbing can Save the Environment

As we can see the current situation of the environment getting worsened. It is a time where people would like to know what can be done to help the environment. Recently the World Plumbing Council has released a white paper with a sole purpose to alert registered professionals and members of the public who are interested about the ways plumbers and heating engineers can help save the environment.

There were a variety of authors working together to produce the paper which was finally compiled by Blane Judd of The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) and Richard Prospal of the American Society of Sanitary Engineering.

Several politicians and others hold a strong opinion that being aware of the environment will create a new industry. The reality is that modern technologies are merely an extension of the work of plumbing industries. With the mission statement of the World Plumbing Council to promote the role of plumbing in improving health and safeguarding the environment. The paper is created to explain the role in which the plumbing industry plays.

Blane stated, “The Environmental Aspects of Plumbing paper contains case studies and information about the technologies and methods employed by plumbing and heating professionals to conserve water and energy. It also has useful tips for members of the public such as how to find efficient washing machines and dishwashers that will reduce their water and energy requirements.”
A quick flick through the document reveals information about solar water heating, energy and water efficiency, sanitation, sewage treatment and even desalination processes.

Blane then added, “People aren’t always aware just how much plumbers and heating engineers can actually do to help people reduce their water and energy usage. Alongside our register of qualified plumbers and heating engineers we also operate a GreenPlumb register for specialists in green technologies. Thankfully people are wising up to the need for preservation of our natural resources and many have an interest in reducing their carbon footprint to help the environment. Our paper will educate the public about the impact that good plumbing and new technologies can have in this respect. “

The publication aims to link how good plumbing can help the environment and just how important the plumbing industry is to the world as it can do a lot to save the environment and make everyone’s life much better day after day.

To see the copy please download the ‘Environmental Aspects of Plumbing’ at www.worldplumbing.org and follow the links Communications and Papers.

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