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Trainee Becomes Honorary Member Of DIY SOS

At Options Skills, we love finding out about how our trainees are getting on with their new careers. Which is why we were delighted to find out that Giles Tennick, a plumbing courses trainee from our Atherton Training Centre, has recently found fame as an honorary member of the DIY SOS Team.

The tea-time BBC One television show DIY SOS helps save people from the DIY disasters of their partners and fully renovates a portion of the property that has fallen foul to the perpetrator’s desire to renovate their home “on the cheap”.

Giles worked with presenter Nick Knowles and the Team to help renovate a property for the show. “DIY SOS was really rewarding. It was wonderful to be able to help out such a deserving family and it was a lot of fun! Most of the trades’ people were local, and there because they wanted to help.” Said Giles of his time with the BBC Show.

Giles decided to become a Plumber after leaving the Army.”When I left the army I wanted to do something that was recession-proof, with mechanical challenges, where I was working with different people every day.”

After leaving Options Ski in November 2010 Giles set up his own business “Drip Doctor” which has gone from strength to strength.

“[Becoming a Plumber] is like learning to drive. The first time you look to your left and there’s no one sitting there, you’re terrified. Now you have to remember when to brake.”

“To anyone thinking of becoming a plumber, just get on and do it! Now is the ideal time, you can hit the ground running. Where are the disadvantages? More qualifications can only lead to better things.”

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