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Plumbing Student Starts His New Career

James Aubrey became a qualified plumber on 27th October after completing his 6189 Plumbing Diploma and Part P scheme. He also completed our free new start support training to help him find a job and has contacted us with good news.

Below is James’ story as told by Maria Truman our Business Development Mentor:

After being made redundant James decided he wanted to be a plumber. He did a lot of research on the various ways he could train; a two year college course, home study while working or fast track training. James is married with young children so college was not an option. He decided that working while doing home study was probably the way to go.

Before making the final decision he discussed his options with both his father and other plumbers; they all agreed that home study would take to long, and because of the gaps in the study and work pressures, he probably wouldn’t be able to retain the knowledge. Fast track was the way to go!

After looking at the website James decided to call Options Skills where he spoke to Danny Caldicott. “That was the beginning of my new life. The great thing about Danny; he tells you how it really is”

James was initially nervous about taking exams as he’d left school without any qualifications. With the support of Maria (New Start Support), John Downing and Lee Devine (Trainers) he flew through them.

After completing his 6189 and New Start Support, James started applying for Plumbing positions and was called in for an interview at Dyno-Rod.

“Before the interview, I went through all the questions we’d covered on New Start Support and got my ‘Two Minutes’ down pat. All the answers were there ready on the tip of my tongue.

The question I wasn’t expecting; what are you like with pets?”

James was completely up front about his lack of work experience as a plumber at his interview, but Dyno-rod recognised his competence, customer service skills, problem solving abilities, and his keenness to learn more.

James is now enjoying a couple of well deserved days off before his first day as a Plumber and we wish him all the best in his new career.

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