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Risk Assessment Guide for Deadly Arc Flash

Electric arc flash is widespread in most industrial situations. It is a problem easily ignored by many since most people do not know how to measure and manage this hazard. There has to be some measurements made to prevent this problem from happening at work.

Electric arc flash can be deadly and to make sure this problem is no longer taken lightly DuPont is to present its new Electric Arc Flash Risk Assessment. The sole purpose is to make sure risk assessments are performed for electric arc hazards.

There is reported to be 5-10 arc flash incidents taking place on a daily basis. According to the NFPA, ” arc flash is a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc.” This can lead to explosions and cause serious damage. Problems like this should be tackled to reduce the number of incidents and that is why the risk assessment guide will be provided following extensive research with independent experts.

Electrical Review:” The Guide will provide users with the tools to evaluate the arc flash hazards at their facilities and the knowledge on how to both reduce the severity and consequences of an arc flash. Through a series of presentations, workshops and exercises delivered by experts from this field, each delegate will understand the value of the new Guide in managing their individual arc flash risk assessments.”

The conclusion is to make the environment a safe place to work and this guide will help anyone whose responsibility involves the protection of workers from the arc flash hazard such as electrical engineers.

All data correct at time of publication.