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Save Electricity And Money With These Simple Tips

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A recent report from MORE TH>N found that 28% of people spend more on their monthly bills than their mortgage. On average, the annual cost of gas and electricity in a household is £1,345.20, so it’s worth looking at how you could save electricity.

Using less electricity means more money in your pocket at the end of each month and a significant annual saving. As well as that, the less electricity you use, the better it is for the environment.

Small changes in your usage habits can equal significant savings. And while it may not seem easy to save electricity, to begin with, these things will soon become second nature.

Turn Off The Lights

An obvious way to save electricity is to turn off unnecessary lights. Begin to consider whether it’s essential to switch the lights on before you do it. Could you open the curtains instead?

And, of course, get into the habit of flicking the light switch off when you leave a room.

Use Natural Light

When the sun is shining, use it and throw open the curtains to let natural light pour in. Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see a lovely view through your window as well. 

Rooms lit by the sun rather than a light bulb are the setting for increased productivity and comfort. Working in daylight results in a boost in your mood, a calmer environment and of course, a reduced electricity bill.

Take Shorter Showers

Hot water doesn’t come cheap, and cutting your shower time by just a few minutes will add up to a big difference. Not only will it save you time, cutting down on your shower time by just a few minutes can save over ten gallons of water.

And when it comes to cost, managing director of Waterwise, Nicci Russell, says, ‘Knocking a couple of minutes off the time you spend in the shower will save you £40 a year. That can add up to £160 for a family of four.’

Unplug Unused Electronics

Leaving your electronics on standby might be more convenient, but it’s resulting in your paying more for your energy bill at the end of each month.

With statistics estimating that 10% of your monthly energy bill is from standby power, it’s worth turning them off properly after use.

Switch To A Laptop

Though it varies depending on the computer or laptop in question, laptops generally consume a staggering 80% less electricity than desktop computers.

So switching to a laptop once your desktop needs replacing will certainly save electricity and money in the long run.

Lower Your Heating

Almost 50% of the money you pay out on your energy bill comes from heating and hot water costs. So if you were to turn the thermostat down by just one degree, you could save up to £80 each year.

Reduce Kitchen Heat

Opting for fresher foods over frozen can mean using your oven and microwave much less and, therefore, save you money as well as electricity. Also, take advantage of the summer months, when fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant.

Wash Full Loads

Rather than washing clothes as and when, wait until your washing basket has enough to fill a load. The same goes for your dishwasher. Wait until it’s full of plates, cups and cutlery before turning it on. Fuller loads mean doing less.

Not only will this save electricity, water and money, but time as well.

Hang Laundry To Dry

Opt to dry your laundry outside in the sun rather than in the tumble dryer when it’s possible. If that’s not possible, use clothes drying racks indoors and in colder months, place them near radiators. 

Tumble dryers are third on the list for costly home appliances, just behind the washing machine and fridge.

Turn Water Off

A simple way of saving electricity and water is to turn the water off when shaving and brushing teeth. You’ll find yourself cutting your hot water usage by around 5%.


Saving electricity doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as flicking a switch or not doing laundry as often.

It’s essential to be mindful of the amount of electricity you’re using. If you want to up your electricity saving game, you could consider renewable energy sources such as solar panels for your home. 

Otherwise, slight cutbacks are a step in the right direction and not just for your bank account.

All data correct at time of publication.