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Shaukat – Birmingham Gas Course Student Review

gas course student review

At Options Skills we get a range of candidates, Shaukat works full time as a bobby on the beat and took up the Gas course to supplement his income and as a personal challenge. The security of knowing a skilled trade and working with his hands was also something that drew him towards the course.

“I always wanted to learn a trade as no one can take that away from you”.

Shaukat had a very basic knowledge of DIY before he started the course. But he found that the course thoroughly prepared him for all the challenges of being a gas engineer out in the real world.

Gas Course Student Review:

“The course was intense and gave me an insight into what was required. The trainers give you all the tools to succeed and you know what to expect once you’re working as a gas engineer”.

“And it’s not just you’ve passed now and “see you later”, the trainers are always ready to help. The support mechanism is always there. Trevor, John and Gerrard are there to talk even after you’ve passed”.

The Mentor System

Like all our trainees, we ensured that Shaukat got paired up with a mentor. On the job, experience is required to pass your ACS, but being placed on the mentor system benefited Shaukat long term too.

“The experience with the mentor was invaluable, I worked hard and did what the trainer told me. I learnt a lot and after I qualified I ended up working with the mentor I was paired up with”.

Shaukat’s now come full circle since having been placed on the mentor programme as part of his training. Shaukat has become a mentor himself and taken on three trainees – and currently training a fourth.

On the trainees, he said, “I know what training they get, so I can trust them. The guy’s Options Skills provided were committed, worked hard and had good knowledge of being a gas engineer”.

Would you recommend the course?

“Definitely, it’s well worth the money and the time. The course easily paid for itself and you get a lot more out of it than you put in”.

“The centre is of a higher standard than others and that shows in the work and professionalism of the trainees”.

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All data correct at time of publication.