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Solar RGB Take On Options Skills Electrical Trainee

Solar RGB Narinder and Kyle in the electrical training suite

As a computer science teacher, Narinder was looking for a career change and entered the trades industry some years ago, intending to move into renewable energy.

Narinder had a smooth transition into the industry. He was first attracted to the trades by the number of opportunities available, so he invested a small amount of money in getting started. However, the most important thing to him was investing enough time. Narinder wanted to ensure he was learning as much as he could about the industry.

Though good money can be made as either an electrician, gas engineer or both, that was never the main aim for Narinder. Instead, he wanted to do a good job and leave customers happy and safe.

Working hard to complete his training, Narinder aimed to set up his own business. And in 2007, he launched Solar RGB.

Qualified as both a gas engineer and electrician, Narinder focuses mainly on the electrical side of things. An experienced electrician, he completes installs and maintenance at both a domestic and commercial level.

Going from strength to strength, Narinder made it his mission to help others looking to work in the industry. As a former teacher, he understands the importance of training the next generation. Narinder first took on an apprentice eight years ago. Since then, he has trained up seven others. All of whom have all gone on to launch their own businesses.

Wanting to help as many people as he can before retirement, Narinder shares his skills and knowledge before letting apprentices “spread their wings and leave the nest”. Narinder is highly skilled and sees where knowledge is missing in students. This allows him to fill those knowledge gaps, ensuring no shortcuts are taken.

A New Apprentice

The most recent apprentice to join Narinder at Solar RGB is Kyle. Kyle first enquired about training with us in January 2020. Kyle worked as a sales manager but wanted a new challenge. Though initially planning to join us in April, COVID-19 meant our training centres shut. Thankfully, we reopened, and he began his NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training in May.

Kyle undertook theoretical and practical training throughout the first stage of training, covering everything from health and safety and basic lighting circuits to earthing and bonding and renewable energy systems.

Completing his eight weeks, Kyle also took advantage of our Job Club. At the end of the training, we offer students the opportunity to participate in a session dedicated to job hunting. Creating a CV, practising telephone techniques and more, we prepare students to find work as a trainee and once qualified.

At Options Skills, we also have a career development team. Our team build relationships with people in the industry, finding opportunities for our students. On July 2nd, Kyle sent his CV over to the team. Josh, our career development manager, found Kyle a placement and three weeks later, he began to work with Solar RGB.

After two months of training at Solar RGB, Narinder is happy with Kyle’s progress. Expressing that his theoretical knowledge was great, to begin with, but has since grown, along with his practical skills. Keen and knowledgeable, Narinder has described Kyle as the ideal candidate to train.

The Future

Following Narinder’s lead, Kyle has already expressed his desire to go self-employed upon gaining his qualifications. Once Kyle has completed his training with Narinder and filled his portfolio, he will sit his AM2 assessment.

Upon passing that assessment, Kyle can apply for his ECS Gold Card. The gold card is awarded to electricians “who work unsupervised on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of low voltage electrical and electronic devices and appliances in a consumer’s electrical installation.” (Source: ECS)

All data correct at time of publication.