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Our students are at the heart of everything we do, and we’re always looking for ways to improve their training and learning experience. In our Student Resources Guide, not just the students of Options Skills but any students can take advantage of our tips, tricks and guidance. 

It’s all here, from how to make the most of your learning experience and what to expect from it to answering the common questions surrounding the trades and joining the industry.

Electrician in the workshop bay working on sockets

Electricians You Should Be Following

Whether you’re already working in the electrical industry or looking to join, being part of the online community has numerous benefits. With electricians sharing their experiences and expertise, there’s a...

Student in the gas engineers workshop

Gas Engineers You Should Be Following

Whether you’re an existing engineer or you’re a new entrant to the trades, these are the gas engineers you should be following online. Social media is a powerful tool for business....

Electrical training course student working at electrical board

How To Find The Right Training Course

A training course is an excellent way of keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date. They can also be a perfect option for embarking on a new career altogether. found...

Two gas trainees installing copper piping

What Are The Trades?

The trades are a vast industry of various roles, skills and specialities. Generally, “tradesperson” or “skilled worker” describes those who completed vocational education, including on-site training/work experience. The trades are...


How To Join The Gas Safe Register

In 2009, 120,000 engineers and 58,000 businesses were on the Gas Safe Register. By 2019/20, that had risen to over 131,000 engineers and 77,000 companies. It’s no surprise that so...

Two trainee electricians working on our workshop bays

Training Courses: Expectation Vs. Reality

Sometimes, expectations can cause us to avoid a situation entirely. Whether you think you won’t fit in, it’ll be too difficult to complete, or you don’t have enough previous experience,...

Close up of a trainee electrician cutting wiring

Too Old To Learn A Trade?

Are you ever too old to learn a trade? People of all backgrounds, experience levels, and ages enquire and enrol on our training courses, but there is one question we...

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