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Trainee Jobs – Start Working As A Trainee Electrician

Trainee electrician; Trainee Jobs - Start working as an electrician

Starting as a trainee is a smart choice for launching your career. It provides hands-on experience, mentorship, and a chance to learn industry-specific skills. Trainee jobs offer a pathway to develop expertise, gain industry insights, and pave the way for future growth and advancement in your chosen field. But, before you start your journey as a trainee electrician we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions about this route. Learn about the education and gain practical experience

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6 Benefits Of Upskilling Employees

Two students in an electrical bay working on a socket board

With industries, technology and workplaces ever-evolving, you must stay up to date with the latest developments as a business owner, which may result in upskilling employees. There’s no avoiding change, and the recent national lockdown has proven this. With businesses asking workers to work from home, extra measures taken to ensure safety and risks to job security, upskilling employees benefits the employee and your business. Upskilling allows staff members to learn additional skills, perform their job better

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Leon Electricians Ltd Joined By Electrical Trainee

Jack of Leon Electricians stood outside in front of his van

Formally a semi-pro footballer, his career was sadly cut short by an injury. Thankfully, he had another career path already in mind. Leon followed in his brother’s footsteps and joined the trades industry. Having seen first-hand the benefits of the industry, it was a no-brainer. Leon trained up as an electrician because of the career’s flexible hours, earning potential, the option to be your own boss, and the lifestyle that came with it. Working for himself was

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Solar RGB Take On Options Skills Electrical Trainee

Solar RGB Narinder and Kyle in the electrical training suite

As a computer science teacher, Narinder was looking for a career change and entered the trades industry some years ago, intending to move into renewable energy. Narinder had a smooth transition into the industry. He was first attracted to the trades by the number of opportunities available, so he invested a small amount of money in getting started. However, the most important thing to him was investing enough time. Narinder wanted to ensure he was learning as

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