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How To Spot A Cowboy Customer

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We’ve all heard the phrase “cowboy builder” before, and there is no denying there are rogue tradespeople out there and the public need to be wary. But we don’t hear the phrase “cowboy customer” quite as much despite being much more common. Speak to any tradesperson, and they’ll have a few customer horror stories to tell. Just like the general public is advised to remain vigilant for cowboy builders, as a tradesperson, you need to know how to

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How To Reply To Negative Reviews

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While no one wants to hear that they or their company have been anything but superb, it’s simply not possible all the time. As a result, customer complaints and negative reviews happen, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If a company has only five-star, glowing reviews, people can see it as a red flag. No company can be perfect all the time, so only 5-star reviews could suggest they’re fake or bad ones are

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What Makes The Perfect Customer?

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Tradespeople meet new customers regularly; some they love, others don’t. Not every customer can be ‘the perfect customer’ because what that means varies. However, although everyone has different preferences, there are a few things that most tradespeople appreciate. So, what do they say makes the perfect customer? 1. Being Left Alone To Work While some people prefer a bit of conversation throughout their working day, in one of our recent Twitter polls, 26.7% of those asked said

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How To Deal With Customer Complaints – 7 Tips

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Whether self-employed, a sub-contractor, or employed, customer complaints are part and parcel of business and working life. Initially, a complaint can feel like the end of the world. A customer isn’t happy with the service you’ve provided, and should they share that complaint with friends and family, there is the worry it could reduce business in the future. But that needn’t be the case, as there are ways of turning negatives into positives. According to research, 9/10

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Customer Service: How To Deliver The Best In The Trades

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Customer service is the assistance and advice delivered by a business to a customer. (Source: Lexico) And most importantly, it’s an important aspect of any business. Whether you’re a company of 100+ employees or a one-man band, you need to perfect your customer service skills to ensure continued business, loyalty and growth. You could be the most talented person in your industry, but if your customer service skills are poor, you could be losing jobs left, right and centre. So,

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10 Ways Tradespeople Can Attract Customers

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Looking for ways to attract customers? Whatever industry you’re in, attracting new customers should be a priority, particularly if you’re a small business or work on a self-employed basis. Though you may already have a loyal customer base, new customers help your business grow and offer new opportunities and ways to improve. There are numerous ways in which you can attract customers. Moreover, there are ways to suit every budget and how much time you can invest. 1.

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