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Trainee Jobs – Start Working As A Trainee Electrician

Trainee electrician; Trainee Jobs - Start working as an electrician

Starting as a trainee is a smart choice for launching your career. It provides hands-on experience, mentorship, and a chance to learn industry-specific skills. Trainee jobs offer a pathway to develop expertise, gain industry insights, and pave the way for future growth and advancement in your chosen field. But, before you start your journey as a trainee electrician we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions about this route. Learn about the education and gain practical experience

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AM2 Assessment – The Ultimate Guide

Electrical trainee taking notes on the workshop bench. Text reads "AM2 Assessment, The Ultimate Guide".

The AM2 assessment is the final stage for many trainees when gaining their NVQ Level 3. Upon passing the assessment, trainee electricians can apply for their ECS Gold Card and Installation Electrician status. Here, we’re answering all the common questions surrounding the assessment and electrician training. What is AM2?What is the NET?Who is the AM2 assessment for?What qualifications do I need to do AM2?Where can I do the AM2?When do I need to take my AM2?Do you

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Electricians You Should Be Following

Cartoon image of electrician holding a large screwdriver and wiring alongside text that reads "10 electricians you should be following"

Whether you’re already working in the electrical industry or looking to join, being part of the online community has numerous benefits. With electricians sharing their experiences and expertise, there’s a lot to learn that’ll help you to improve your skills and knowledge. Social media is a powerful tool and one that you should utilise regardless of industry to act as a portfolio, network, and generally enjoy. So, make the most of it and follow these electricians! And

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Career Change | From Plasterer To Electrician

Electrician working on-site using a drill

After 14 years as a plasterer and business owner, Johnathan wanted a career change and looked to Options Skills to make his dream a reality. People opt for a career change for many different reasons. From seeking out better pay or work-life balance to wanting more job satisfaction. And with so much time spent working, it’s crucial to be happy in what you’re doing. Johnathan was originally a plasterer, working in the industry for more than 14

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Government Announces An Increase To The Heat Pump Grant

Air source heat pump grant increases to £7.5k

We’ve been covering the UK’s journey towards a greener future, and in September 2023, Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak made an announcement regarding the heat pump grant introduced in 2021. When the grant was initially announced, the UK Government revealed that the treasury would be providing £450 million to the public to encourage households to install heat pumps. This was to be available via a grant of up to £5,000, with the hope that we would phase gas

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Renewable Energy: Fact Or Fiction

A stack of books alongside text reading "renewable energy - fact or fiction"

Everyone is talking about going green and renewable energy – from supermarkets and clothing brands to energy companies and the government. There’s no getting away from the fact that we need to act now to decarbonise the UK, but how we’re going to do that is where things get a bit confusing. Rumours have spread, and misinformation has been shared, so what are the facts and what’s just fiction? The UK Will Ban Gas Boilers By 2023

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Who Are Options Skills Trainees? And Where Are They Now?

Plumbing trainee teaching an Options Skills trainee copper piping skills

The trades industry has never been more diverse. While historically, tradespeople were typically working-class men who left school and went straight into work, there are now plenty of people bucking the trend. With stereotypes fading away, the trades industry has opened up to more people than ever before. You could learn a trade regardless of your background, career history, age, and gender. No longer are people staying in one career their entire working life. Instead, people leave the

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What Are The Trades?

Two gas trainees installing copper piping

The trades are a vast industry of various roles, skills and specialities. Generally, “tradesperson” or “skilled worker” describes those who completed vocational education, including on-site training/work experience. The trades are divided into three categories. First is the skilled industry trades, including welders, mechanics and programmers. The construction trades include electricians, bricklayers and gas engineers. The final of the three is the skilled service trades, covering nurses, therapists and aides. (Source: JCISD) With the industry ever-evolving and the housing

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From The Entertainment Industry To Electrics | Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee measuring grey wiring with a measuring tape

Joe became an electrical trainee to expand his skillset and increase his earning potential. Though many of the students at Options Skills are looking for a complete career change, others train to expand their skillset within their current role. For example, we’ve had plumbers add gas engineering to their CV and scaffolders add electrics. Gaining new qualifications, skills, and experience are great for broadening the variety of projects you can take on, making your days at work

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From Retail To Optech Electrical | Electrical Trainee

Electrical trainee leaning on step ladders to write down notes

Electrical trainee Greg wanted a career change, so he moved into the trades industry. It’s never too late to change your career, and Options Skills electrical trainee, Greg, is the perfect example of that. After 13 years working in the retail sector, Greg wanted something new and began looking into the trades industry to provide him with a stable yet exciting career. Greg knew the basics of both electrics and plumbing. However, after speaking with one of

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