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Plumbers You Should Be Following

Cartoon image of a plumber holding a large wrench with the title "10 Plumbers You Should Be Following" text

10 Plumbers To Follow On Social Media Thousands of tradespeople are on social media, inspiring others to learn a trade and helping other tradies. So, we’ve hand-picked ten plumbers that you should be following. Whether you’re part of the plumbing industry already, want to join, or just like impressive installs, you won’t want to miss out. Networking with others in your industry is the perfect way to learn, be inspired and make friends. And no one does

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Domestic Heating Systems Explained

Trainees working in domestic heating systems

Heat pump technologies work more effectively with correctly designed domestic heating systems. But, before discussing the system design for heat pumps, it is worth examining the common system types used for domestic wet systems. The descriptions below are simplified and meant as a rough guide only. Conventional Domestic Heating Systems Conventional systems became affordable to the masses in the 1950s. They were popular until the 1970s when combi boilers were introduced. A conventional system uses a heat

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Heating | Energy Saving Tips

Heating - Trainee working on boiler

Gas engineer and director of compliance at Options Skills, Dave Judge, shares how you can reduce your heating usage and bills this winter. With the ever-increasing rise in energy prices (Source: The Independent), it is prudent that everyone takes the time to ensure they are as energy conscious as possible. Heating your home can be a considerable expense, and with prices rising, now more than ever, we need to be thinking about and making an effort to

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How To Prevent and Treat Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipe

There are many things to consider for your home over the colder months, from saving money on energy bills to staying safe over Christmas. Another thing to add to that list is how to prevent frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can often lead to burst pipes, leaks and floods. Thankfully, you can take several preventative steps to avoid the risk. How And Why Do Pipes Freeze? Pipes usually have a small amount of water, even when the taps are

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What Do Plumbers Really Think Of The Trade?

Trainee plumber screwing clip to the wall

We recently found out that plumbers are the happiest workers, so we’re now delving a little deeper, discovering what makes them tick and what plumbers really think of the trade. A recent survey carried out by Wavin has uncovered a wide range of things about the modern-day plumber. It’s clear that some things never change, but the survey unearthed a few surprising facts. We already know that plumbers are the happiest workers in Britain. Because of this, it

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8 Things That Clog Your Pipes – As Told By Plumbers

clog your pipes

Plumbing can be messy, and it’s almost not worth imagining what plumbers encounter on an average day. All manner of things have been pulled out of pipes and drains, making you question how they got there in the first place. As well as the strange items, plenty of everyday things clog your pipes, and they are entirely avoidable. But unfortunately, it seems that people are absently mindedly putting things down the drain that do not belong there.

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Plumbers Are The Happiest Workers In Britain

Plumbing students working with copper piping

There is nothing worse than spending your Sunday evening dreading the following morning. Mondays are notorious for being the worst day of the week, but not everyone feels that way about it. They say when you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life, which seems to be the case for plumbers all across Britain. They’ve been named the happiest workers in Britain. According to research undertaken by experiences firm Boundless, plumbers live the happiest

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15 Interesting Facts About Plumbing

Plumbing student working on piping

People rarely think about plumbing unless they’ve got a burst pipe or their boiler stops working, but there’s much more to plumbing than you may think. Do you know how long plumbing dates back? And you’ll never guess which famous music star was once a plumber’s apprentice. 15 interesting facts about plumbing that you probably didn’t know… 1. The word ‘plumbing’ originates from ‘plumbum’, Latin for lead. 2. A low-flush toilet can save up to 18,000 gallons

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Things To Consider While Choosing A Plumbing Course

NPG gas and plumbing course

When considering a career as a plumber, there are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the plumbing course that’s right for you. This article will discuss in depth at least five critical tips to consider while choosing a plumbing course. Type of training Before getting started, you must first determine what type of plumbing training you are looking for. Doing online research or even speaking with plumbers you may know or who work in your

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3 Steps to Fix a Leaky Faucet

Leaky Faucet

Not only are leaky faucets generally irritating, but with water being wasted with every drip, your water bill will be getting higher. Thankfully, faucets are fairly easy to fix, so you’ll be able to do it yourself – providing you have the tools. 1. Getting started on repairs The first step in starting the project is to gather the required tools and materials. The various tools that you would need for fixing the leak are; an adjustable

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