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Trainee Jobs – Start Working As A Trainee Electrician

Trainee electrician; Trainee Jobs - Start working as an electrician

Starting as a trainee is a smart choice for launching your career. It provides hands-on experience, mentorship, and a chance to learn industry-specific skills. Trainee jobs offer a pathway to develop expertise, gain industry insights, and pave the way for future growth and advancement in your chosen field. But, before you start your journey as a trainee electrician we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions about this route. Learn about the education and gain practical experience

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Options Skills Partner with Trade-Up

Text reading "Partnership with Trade-Up" alongside three images of people relating to the company

We’re proud to be founding members of Trade-Up – a not-for-profit campaign run by HomeServe and Checkatrade to train an extra 10,000 skilled workers annually. The UK faces an ongoing shortage of workers across numerous industries, and the trades industry is no different.  With an ageing workforce and many workers leaving the UK between 2019-2020, the demand for skilled workers is higher than ever. And with just 32,000 new workers entering the industry each year, a significant

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AM2 Assessment – The Ultimate Guide

Electrical trainee taking notes on the workshop bench. Text reads "AM2 Assessment, The Ultimate Guide".

The AM2 assessment is the final stage for many trainees when gaining their NVQ Level 3. Upon passing the assessment, trainee electricians can apply for their ECS Gold Card and Installation Electrician status. Here, we’re answering all the common questions surrounding the assessment and electrician training. What is AM2?What is the NET?Who is the AM2 assessment for?What qualifications do I need to do AM2?Where can I do the AM2?When do I need to take my AM2?Do you

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Part-Time & Flexible Training For Adults

Trainee measuring wiring in the electrical workshop alongside text reading "Part-Time training for adults"

Part-time study and flexible training are more popular than ever as people juggle working with learning new skills. So whether you’re looking to upskill or earn new qualifications, part-time learning allows flexibility perfect for those who can’t commit to full-time courses. What is part-time learning? Training schedule Online learning Pros of part-time & weekend training Cons of part-time & weekend training Part-time trades training with Options Skills What Is Part-Time Learning? Part-time learning or training is typically

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Career Change | From Plasterer To Electrician

Electrician working on-site using a drill

After 14 years as a plasterer and business owner, Johnathan wanted a career change and looked to Options Skills to make his dream a reality. People opt for a career change for many different reasons. From seeking out better pay or work-life balance to wanting more job satisfaction. And with so much time spent working, it’s crucial to be happy in what you’re doing. Johnathan was originally a plasterer, working in the industry for more than 14

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How To Find The Right Training Course

Hand holding binoculars up alongside text reading "how to find the right training course"

Finding The Right Training Course A training course is an excellent way of keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date. They can also be a perfect option for starting a new career. Reed.co.uk found that 66% of workers completed online training in 2020 to upskill or reskill and improve their job prospects. (Source: Business Leader) Whatever industry you’re looking for a new career in, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best training you can that will lead to industry-recognised

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Upskilling In The Trades Industry

Trainee is kneeling in an electrical workshop bay

Have you ever considered upskilling? Upskilling is simple. It means adding to your existing knowledge and skill set. In doing so, you can keep up with the industry and ensure you don’t have skill gaps. Skill gaps may not seem like a big deal if you’re already in a job, but not gaining new skills could be the difference between a promotion or staying where you are. And if you ever seek employment elsewhere, having an extensive

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What Are The Trades?

Two gas trainees installing copper piping

The trades are a vast industry of various roles, skills and specialities. Generally, “tradesperson” or “skilled worker” describes those who completed vocational education, including on-site training/work experience. The trades are divided into three categories. First is the skilled industry trades, including welders, mechanics and programmers. The construction trades include electricians, bricklayers and gas engineers. The final of the three is the skilled service trades, covering nurses, therapists and aides. (Source: JCISD) With the industry ever-evolving and the housing

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Past Trainees Recommend Options Skills

Gas student testing a gas fire

Customer feedback is essential for any company looking to develop and grow. While things may be ticking along nicely, there is always room for improvement, and that’s something we take seriously at Options Skills. Feedback allows us to understand what’s working well and can improve our trainee’s experience. We regularly encourage our trainees to leave us feedback via Google, Feefo and Facebook as this not only helps us but benefits others when they are researching training providers.

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How To Join The Gas Safe Register

Gas student working on a gas cooker alongside text reading "How to join the gas safe register"

The goal of gas training is to join the gas safe register, as being registered means you’re legally allowed to complete gas work in the UK. With various routes available, joining the gas industry may initially seem confusing. But, in reality, it’s pretty straightforward. Providing you’re willing to put in the effort and dedicate some time; you can become a qualified, gas safe registered engineer. And Options Skills will help you every step of the way. What

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