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Five Tips For Being A Successful Electrician


After qualifying as an electrician, it’s time to officially enter the trades industry. Whether you work for a company or go self-employed, when you love your job, you will obviously want to keep it. To do so, you need to continually make an effort in terms of quality of work, customer service and training. Below are five simple tips you can follow to ensure you’re a successful electrician for your entire career.

Customer Friendly

When you work as an electrician, you will be dealing with customers on a daily basis. Customers must feel as though they are important to your company. When speaking to customers on the telephone or in person, maintain customer friendliness. You may be having a bad day or the customer may be difficult, but you must make a good impression. By maintaining friendliness and treating customers with respect, the company you work for can receive compliments on your workmanship. The more praise you get from customers, the more likely you are to pick up more work.


As an electrical technician, you have a certain degree of responsibility. You must be responsible towards your company as well as the customer. You need to arrive at appointments on time and do the job correctly the first time. Doing so helps your company, as well as yourself, to gain a good reputation which helps build a client base and a successful career. Apply care in everything you do to show that you are responsible and can be of benefit to your employer.

Continual Training

If you want to succeed in your career and advance in position, you will need to continue your electrical training. Electrical courses can help you to learn additional skills that can help you become a supervisor or even owner of your own electrical business. You can receive this training online or at a local college, enabling you to further your career. This can potentially lead to a higher wage. Research options in your area to begin to learn advanced technologies and skills associated with the electrical industry.

Working with Reputable Companies

When considering employment, only work with reputable companies. Who you associate with, says a lot about you. You want to build a resume that will be cohesive with a good reputation. By working with a reputable company, you can begin to build a solid reputation as an electrician and further your career. You can find a reputable company by researching the various electrical offices in your city via the Internet and with friends or family. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and most people know who to trust and who to never call when it comes to reputable electrical companies.

Total Dedication

When you start your new electrical career, you need to be ready to be totally dedicated to the position. Arrive to work on time, never miss appointments and work hard every single day. By being dedicated to your position, your employer will see that you are ready to work and care about the company. You will build a reputation with your boss and will be able to hold your position for years to come. By doing this, you can advance to a managerial position or supervisor which means more money and more work for you!

Overall, it is important to be a model employee in your new electrical position to be able to maintain employment. You’ll be successful in your position and have the security you need to feel proud of your career as an electrician.

All data correct at time of publication.