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Tradesperson Guide

Anyone in the trades industry will know that you never stop learning. As the industry advances and technology and techniques change, there is always something new.

From customer service and health & safety tips to how to boost your business and help others into the industry, our tradesperson guide covers it all and more.

Electrician in the workshop bay working on sockets

Electricians You Should Be Following

Whether you’re already working in the electrical industry or looking to join, being part of the online community has numerous benefits. With electricians sharing their experiences, expertise and reviews, there’s...

Trainee is kneeling in an electrical workshop bay

Upskilling In The Trades Industry

Have you ever considered upskilling? Upskilling is simple. It means adding to your existing knowledge and skill set. In doing so, you can keep up with the industry and ensure...

Two electrical students taking notes at workshop bench while another works in the bay behind them

Could You Become A Mentor?

In 2020, the ongoing financial difficulties for the UK economy saw many electrical businesses putting their recruitment and growth plans on hold. However, as COVID-19 restrictions ease, the economy begins...

Gas trainee working on a boiler while another trainee takes notes

How To Spot A Cowboy Customer

We’ve all heard the phrase “cowboy builder” before, and there is no denying there are rogue tradespeople out there and the public need to be wary. But we don’t hear...

Plumbing student working in pipes in the workshop

How To Reply To Negative Reviews

While no one wants to hear that they or their company have been anything but superb, it’s simply not possible all the time. As a result, customer complaints and negative...

Gas trainee testing a gas boiler using an Anton analyser

What Makes The Perfect Customer?

Tradespeople meet new customers regularly, some they love, some they don’t. Not every customer can be ‘the perfect customer’ because what that means varies for everyone. However, though everyone has...

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