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Tradeswomen You Should Be Following

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12 Tradeswomen To Follow On Social Media

Social media is a great place to head to if you want inspiration, support, or to network with your community. But, it’s also beneficial if you want to grow your business and show off your skills – and these tradeswomen are doing just that.

While tradeswomen only make up a small percentage of the industry, that number is gradually increasing, and it’s women like these that are helping to break down the barriers and show other women what’s possible.

If you fancy finding more people, we’ve also covered the electriciansgas engineers, plumbers and other tradespeople who are well worth a follow!

Beth working on-site on electrical equipment

Beth - @beth_electrical

24-year-old Beth has built up a 31k-strong following on Instagram, where she shares what day-to-day life is like as an industrial electrician – and does so with a great sense of humour. From brand collaborations and work with other electricians to project details and industry tips, Beth is killing it as an electrician and using her knowledge to support and help others in the trade.

Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

Charlotte - @the_female_sparky

From the tools and products she’s using to the stunning final results of her work, it’s no surprise that Charlotte has built up a following of nearly 10k people. A Manchester-based electrician, Charlotte is an inspiration to the next generation of tradeswomen.


Elise wearing a hi-vis jacket and hardhat

Elise - @els_electrics

Elise has been sharing her journey as an electrician on Instagram for the past few years. Level 2 qualified and working towards level 3 on the railway, Elise has already created her own community in the industry of over 70k people. Her detailed posts about her projects are a great way of giving insight into the industry and all that it entails. She is, without a doubt, a huge inspiration for others looking to become tradeswomen – or tradesmen.


Pink Plumbing & Heating logo

Helena - @pink_plumbing_hjs

Passing her ACS in 2021, Staffordshore-based Helena has gained a following of nearly 8k people on Instagram. A lover of pink and all things plumbing, you’ll find everything from boiler and radiator installs to a sneak peek into her life and the friendships she’s made within the industry. As if working in the plumbing industry wasn’t enough, Helena is also renovating a home and sharing the process on her second Instagram account, Pinky’s Projects.


Selfie of Hollie with red hair and glasses

Hollie - @holliesheating

An OFTEC-qualified oil boiler engineer in Kent, Hollie regularly shares photos and videos of her work. As well as the work side of things, Hollie is also very open about the struggles that can come from putting too much pressure on yourself to do the perfect job. This is the kind of openness the industry, and every other industry, needs!

Instagram | Website

Jen wearing a safety mask

Jen - @jenthedecorator

We’ve been following Jen’s journey in the trades for years, and we couldn’t be prouder of her progress. A multi-award nominated painter and decorator in Stevenage, Jen has amassed a following of nearly 7k on Instagram. Shortlisted for On The Tools’ painter and decorator of the year, sharing stories on Fix Radio and a silver winner of Best Business Women Awards 2022 – she does all this and more while still regularly updating her social pages with her fantastic work.

Instagram | Twitter

Avatar image of Kimmy

Kimmy - @kimmythesparks

A warrior of electricity, Kimmy is a self-employed electrician based in the UK. We were lucky enough to meet her at Installer 2022, and she’s as lovely in person as she is on Instagram – where 7k people are following her! From the best and the worst jobs and everything in between, videos showing the funny side of the job and brand collaborations, her Instagram has everything you need to see what life is like as an electrician!

Instagram | YouTube

Kornelia wearing hi-vis and safety goggles while drilling a wall

Kornelia @shes_electricx

Kornelia is showing the rest of us how it’s done, with over 70k Instagram followers along for the ride that is life as an electrician. Starting her journey in 2019, she works as a self-employed electrician in the UK. Kornelia has made quite a name for herself by sharing what life is like on-site.  From the hard work to hilarious stories she shares, Kornelia aims to inspire others considering joining the industry to “just go for it!”

Instagram | YouTube

Selfie of Leah wearing a brown beanie hat

Leah - @thegaslass

After 20 years on the tools, Leah knows her stuff and shares her expertise on Instagram. A gas engineer focusing on servicing and boiler repairs, over 2k people, are following her to keep up with the projects she’s working on. Last year, she had her own feature in HIP Magazine, and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2023 holds for Leah.


Selfie of Linda

Linda - @thebrunetteplumber

The self-declared Queen of ‘can do’, Linda is a licensed plumber based in Ohio. With over 16 years of experience in commercial, residential and industrial plumbing, Linda has launched her own business, LH Plumbing Services, focusing on providing an exceptional finished product. If you head over to Instagram, you’ll find over 10k people following her on her journey, where she regularly shares the projects she’s working on.


Rach taking a mirror selfie

Rachel - @plumbingbyrach

Rachel has already been featured in our “gas engineers you should be following” post, but is well worth another mention! With nine years on the tools, Rach is a gas safe plumbing and heating engineer. And her experience is evident after just a glance at her work. Rachel doesn’t advertise herself as a female plumber; she’s simply a plumber who happens to be a woman. In doing so, she’s helping to break down barriers and help other tradeswomen in the industry.


Pink Plumbing and Property Maintenance logo

Soph - @soph_pink_plumbing

Are you looking for an apprentice plumber to inspire your own trades career? Soph has you covered. With her NVQ Level 2 already in the bag and working towards her Level 3 in gas, Soph is already a plumbing legend, and we’re sure her 10k followers would agree! She regularly posts photos, reels and videos of her plumbing and gas journey- and it’s no surprise she’s already collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry. We can’t wait to see what more she achieves. 

Instagram | YouTube

Why Use Social Media In The Trades?

If you’ve not yet entered the world of social media or are unsure how to utilise it to help your business, we’ve created a guide to help you get started.

Building a following takes time, but it’s well worth it when you see your business boom and your community grow.

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