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What is a Megger Tester – Electrician Training Tips

Megger is the name of the company who has created the range of essential tools for the modern electrician. Established in the late 1800s Megger initially manufactured insulation testers but has since expanded with the help of mergers and partnerships to offer a solution for preventative maintenance, commissioning and troubleshooting.

As you can imagine for each problem an electrician has the company has made a solution in the form of a new testing kit. They produce over 1000 products which are divided into three groups:

  • Building & Wiring
  • Power
  • Telecommunications

The most well-used tester in the electrical industry, however (and the ones that we provide in the full-time training courses) are the 17th edition and Part P testing kits.

17th Edition Testing Kit

This type of tester carries out the necessary tests required for installers to issue Part P certifications to comply with the regulations.

The process involves the installer attaching the cables of the instrument to a circuit. The tester then applies several hundred to several thousand volts to determine the insulation resistance value of the item being tested. The tester will then provide a read-out to the installer in the form of ohms or amps, which must be between a certain level in order to comply.

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