At Options Skills, we place a huge focus on getting our students on the tools, enabling them to start learning the essential skills of their chosen trade asap.

Whether they're undertaking our NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course or our ACS Domestic Gas Training Course, from day one of our courses, our trainees are placed in our training centre workshops.

In order to continue training and working towards earning industry-recognised qualifications, during step two of both our training courses, trainees will be required to undertake on-site work experience. Throughout this stage of training, students are asked to collect evidence of their work in order to build up a portfolio.

We are now offering a brand new service in which we are working to find placement opportunities for our students.


During stage two of our electrical and gas  training courses, students are required to go out to work on-site alongside qualified engineers and tradespeople. While doing so, evidence must be collected of the work completed in order to build up a portfolio of work.

During stage two, trainees work on-site in real life situations which is an invaluable experience for trainees to have and helps to educate and prepare them for work once fully qualified.

Our students are more than welcome to find their own placements and/or mentors. In fact, many of our students begin training with us with a mentor already arranged for stage two.

However, if you don’t, you can utilise our services in order to find a placement and/or mentor.

To make this stage of training even more straight-forward for our trainees, we've launched a brand new candidate placement and career development service.

We have a dedicated Careers Development Manager partnering with businesses we already have relationships with, as well as reaching out and building relationships with new established trades businesses across the country.

Whatever training centre you join us at, whenever you’re from within the UK, we are doing our upmost best to ensure there are placement opportunities available.

In doing so, we will be able to offer our students the chance to apply for a variety of different placements to help them complete stage two of their training course.

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Career Development

What this all means for you is that when you join Options Skills, not only do you receive high-quality training
but you'll also able to take advantage of several ways in which we can assist your career development.


If you would like to know more about our candidate resourcing and career developement service, please contact our Careers Development Manager, Josh Jarvis, on 0121 638 0958 or by email at