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We deliver a range of electrician courses designed to assist beginners entering the industry and existing electricians looking to update their qualifications or upskill.

The electrical industry is changing throughout the UK. As we move away from gas heating and petrol cars, the electrical industry is booming, and new electricians are needed to meet the ever-growing demand. 

We’re proud to be delivering electrician training courses that will help beginners, career changes and established electricians to ensure they’re confident and secure in future proof careers.



This is course ensures new entrants and existing electricians are up to date with the latest regulations.

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This is course ensures new entrants and existing electricians are up to date with the latest regulations.

1 Days
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Develop the knowledge and skills to professionally carry out inspection and testing on electrical installations.

5 Days
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Learn the key skills required to install, fault find, inspect and test electric vehicle charging points.

2 Days
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Our Accelerated Electrical training is aimed at those who already have experience within the electrical industry. 

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Options Skills
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Amy KeayAmy Keay
17:49 14 Jan 22
Option Skills - BirminghamI’m not usually a person who will write feedback on Google, but I am someone who will give credit where credit is due.I found myself in a position where I had been made redundant, and id had a conversation with someone who’d decided to go on a gas course and do this through Option Skills. After speaking with the individual, I decided that id give this a go myself to give myself a trade.I can honestly say that it is better than anything that id ever expected. Iv always been someone who had worked in finance, so doing this was new to me and I was a bit apprehensive with how it would go.I have nothing but praise to the employees at Option Skills, and I feel that they are a credit to the company.Andrew, Leanne and Shaun have been the people taking the training sessions, and what incredible people they are.They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible with an extra desire to wanting to see you achieve.I have done the course for 8 weeks, and the knowledge I have picked up already is immense.If you are someone looking to get into the gas trade, I would highly recommend Option Skills as you will not be disappointed.Carl Evans
Samuel LauSamuel Lau
19:46 05 Jan 22
Although this course is intense and you will find yourself picking up a lot of information in a short space of time, Options Skills are the best way to get into the trades if you are a fast learner and are willing to work hard. The trainers are excellent (John, Steve, Thomas) and they will help you wherever they can, however be prepared to put in the work yourself in the evenings and weekends to revise and pass exams. Josh and James from the recruitment team were a joy to work with, they work tirelessly to find us all placements to start working in the industry while you complete the portfolio part of the course. I just finished the Electrical 6 week course and the lads found me a job in Birmingham city centre. With a number of exams left to do and portfolio to complete after you finish the 6 weeks in-centre, you can expect the total time to reach being qualified to be around 1-2 years.
beau clarkebeau clarke
08:12 24 Nov 21
Really recommend this training centre. Just finished a 6 week electrical installation course. Tutors Colin and John were great, they were knowledgeable professional and very supportive throughout. Josh and his recruitment team managed to find me a job in the industry starting the Monday after I finished the training. 5 stars all round from me. Thank you to everybody at option skills and keep up the good work!!!
Tom McdonaldTom Mcdonald
17:52 03 Nov 21
Great service from start to finish. Course is very well run & enjoyable. Prepares you for the world of electrics, with constant support from trainers Colin or John when needed. After the course is finished Josh and his team work around the clock to help you get a foot in the door at an electrical company. Constant support & updates, giving you confidence in what can be a hard process. Making it very smooth and simple
Kiril IvanovKiril Ivanov
07:37 14 Oct 21
John, I would like to express how much I enjoyed your classes. Thank you for making your classes special and interesting and enjoying with your innovative teaching.Thank you, for all the fun activities you included in the class to enhance learning, proving the fact that learning can indeed be fun.Great Teachers never try to be the best teachers. They simply bring out the best in their students. You definitely are one and I want you to know this. Thank you for everything.

Career Opportunities

As an approved electrician, you will not only have earned the required qualifications, but you will have gained sufficient work experience as an electrician. Usually, to earn approved electrician status, you will have worked in a team leader role for a significant time.

In the role, you will be expected to design, install and verify electrical installations in both domestic and commercial settings.

With a larger scope of work than a domestic electrician, as an installation electrician, you will be qualified to work unsupervised on the installation, testing and maintenance of low voltage electrical and electronic devices and appliances. 

You will work anywhere from commercial property to a construction site, completing lighting, power, and security jobs.

As a domestic electrician, you’ll work in residential settings and carry out a range of installations, maintenance and inspection.

On a typical day, you could be doing anything from installing new wiring and lighting to repairing and replacing a fuse box.

Once you’ve gained your qualifications as an electrician, you’re in a great position to focus on a specialism. That may be EV Charging points or solar panels, security or fire alarms.

Whatever it may be, being a specialist in your chosen field means you may become the go-to person for that job type, resulting in high earning potential. 

As an electrician, you can work your way up within a company and become a manager. Your average day will involve leading your team, overseeing their day-to-day, and delegating tasks. 

You’ll be responsible for heading up projects, ensuring your team is well trained and prepared, and dealing with any issues.

For many people in the trades industry, working on a self-employed basis and owning their own business is their goal.

As the owner, you will be responsible for the overall running of the business, which includes the admin and marketing side of things and being on the tools. You’ll have complete control in choosing your working hours and pay rate and enjoy plenty of flexibility. 

How to begin a career in the ELECTRCAL industry

There are several different routes you can take into the electrical industry.

Some people prefer to work on-site as an electrician’s mate for a time before looking to gain their official qualifications. Others choose an apprenticeship which will also allow them to work on-site and earn an apprentices’ wage for up to five years.

Alternatively, there are training courses.

With Options Skills, you can enrol on our NVQ Level 3 Electrical training course with no previous experience. In the first six weeks of your course, you’ll learn the essential skills and knowledge that will underpin everything you do.

This first stage of training will allow you to gain confidence in the trade and prepare you for on-site work as a paid trainee.

The most important thing is finding the path into the industry that best suits you. We encourage training courses as you’ll be able to get on-site and earn within just six weeks, and you can earn your qualifications much sooner. 


When you enrol on our ACS Domestic Gas & Plumbing Maintenance Training Course, you’ll be eligible to apply for twelve months of free Checkatrade membership. 

Checkatrade is the leading tradesperson directory, with over 13 million people using them to help find a reputable tradesperson.

Allowing you to reach new customers in your local area and further afield, Checkatrade and Options Skills will help you launch your career and grow your business.

Options Skills and Checkatrade banner for 12 months free membership when enrolled on the domestic gas training or domestic plumber training course
Trainee electrician connecting lighting sockets in the workshop

Why are ELECTRICIANS important?

Electricity is an essential part of life for people across the globe. Since the late 19th century, when it was first introduced in homes, electricity and technology have developed, and we now use it to light rooms, cook food, heat our homes and power vehicles.

Life would be very different without it, and we would not have the high quality of life we have now. This is because we depend on it, and society is built around always having a working flow of electricity.

As such, we need skilled professionals to plan, design, install, maintain and repair a wide variety of electrical projects and installations. 

Electricity is complicated and can be dangerous, so electricians train specifically to understand and manage the risks. 

A good electrician will have trained for years, gained considerable knowledge and practical experience, and dealt with a whole host of electrical projects safely and efficiently.

Full-time & part-time electrician courses

Training for a new career requires time, plenty of hard work and commitment, and we want to encourage as many people as possible to take up the trades.

We understand that not everyone can complete their training in one block, whether due to current work or family commitments.

As a result, we offer our NVQ Level 3 Electrical training course both full-time and part-time. 

To pass stage one of training, you’ll need to complete six weeks of centre-led training. We’re happy to help you fit this around existing commitments and split training into three two-week training blocks.

In stage two, you will be on-site working, and whether you do this full-time or part-time will depend on yourself and your employer. 

Working full time should allow you to complete your training course sooner; however, part-time electrician training may be a much better choice for you. 

Whichever way you choose to complete your training, our course advisors are on-hand to help you find a start date and schedule that suits you.  

Trainee electrician cutting wiring from a reel at a workshop bench

How long do electrician courses take to complete?

How long it takes to complete an electrician training course will depend on the qualification you’ll be earning and the course type.

Typically, an electrician apprenticeship will take between four and five years to complete, and your earnings will depend on your age and the year of your apprenticeship.

With our NVQ Level 3 Electrical training course, you could gain your qualifications within one year – though training usually takes up to three years. After your initial six weeks of training, you’ll be eligible to work on-site as a paid trainee.

We regularly welcome school leavers, career changers and mature learners into our centres as the shorter duration of our training courses makes them an excellent choice for anyone wanting to get into the electrical industry sooner.

Thanks to the shorter duration of our training courses compared to apprenticeships, they’re a great option for anyone wanting to get into the industry sooner – from career changers to mature learners.

We also have several courses to allow existing electricians to update their qualifications ranging from one to five days.

Who can enrol on electrician courses?

We welcome students of all ages to enrol on our electrician courses – we simply require you to be over 18.

No previous experience in the trades industry is needed to enrol. However, we ask all those looking to book a space to complete an aptitude test.

Trainee electrician wiring a consumer unit
Trainee electrician reading about circuit board installation

How do i enrol on AN ELECTRICIAN course?

To enrol on any of our electrician courses, you request a callback from our advisors using our online contact form.

Or, if you would prefer to get in touch sooner, give us a call on 0800 802 1306.

Our course advisors are happy to talk you through the details of our courses, and answer any questions you may have.

the future of the

elECTRICAL Industry

While we think electricity is an essential part of our lives now, our dependency is growing as more of the world gain becomes connected, and technology develops. The global demand for energy consumption will increase by 30% by 2040. (Source: We Forum)

A big part of this is the changes put forward as we move towards a net-zero future.

Electric vehicles are growing rapidly in popularity, and by the end of February 2022, over 420,000 electric cars were on the road and over 780,000 plug-in models (including hybrid models). As the demand for the vehicles increases, so does the need for EV charging points and electricians qualified to install and maintain them.

Solar panels have been part of our landscape for decades. However, as technology develops and powering our homes becomes more expensive, more people are looking to generate power using solar energy and rely less on the national grid.

Some homeowners are looking to replace gas boilers with electric boilers. With fewer carbon emissions, less noise and more flexibility in the placement, it’s a no-brainer. In addition, with reports of gas boilers eventually being banned in the UK, many people replacing their boilers are choosing electric options to stay ahead of the curve. 

All of this means that the demand for electricians will only increase. And with a shortage of tradespeople expected by 2025,  the number of trainees needs to double to meet demand.

Trainee electrician in a workshop bay working on a socket board

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