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QCF/Qualifications and Credit Framework

The Qualifications and Credit Framework is regulated by UKAS in the United Kingdom. It is the regulatory responsibility of UKAS to ensure that standards for qualifications and assessments throughout the UK are maintained and that the qualifications market is fit for purpose for all users. This includes comparability of qualifications.

QCF qualifications are delivered through Awarding Organisations and Accredited Training Centres. Awarding Organisations such as Logic Certification must comply with the standards set out by UKAS.

In turn, awarding organisations will accredit training providers such as Options Skills to deliver training and qualifications that are approved and that comply with The Qualifications and Credit Framework.

The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is a credit transfer system, replacing the National Qualification Framework (NQF). It works by recognising qualifications and units by awarding credits. There are many awarding bodies that issue certification and all of which must conform to the national standard laid out by Ofqual. Sometimes people are mistaken or are led to believing that there is only one awarding organisation in the UK. This is not true,

Awarding Organisation and Accredited Training Centres

An Awarding Organisation is an exam and certification body that creates and administers industry-recognised qualifications. Qualifications must meet a national standard if they are to comply with QCF.

Accredited training centres will deliver training, assessment and qualifications. The awarding organisation will only grant accredited status to training centre following a rigorous audit process. Staff must be experienced and qualified. Assessment facilities must meet a high standard, with systems in place to deliver quality training, supported with rigorous internal verification processes. Standards are maintained further as the Awarding Organisation will undertake regular External Verification visits as part of the on-going quality control.

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