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A career in the trades industry offers stability, security and confidence. Your fast-track journey to becoming a fully-qualified and employed electrician.

Electrician Career Paths with Options Skills

Here's how Options Skills can help you

“I did the 8-week electrical training course as I wanted to change career."

“It was a very intense course as you would expect for someone new to the industry, but I enjoyed the experience with great help from all the trainers on the course."

“Two weeks after the course, I secured a job offer through Options Skills as they chased up all possible positions for me and obviously worked hard behind the scenes to find a great role for me.”

Stewart Mucklow, Options Skills student.

Case Study - Steven Leaver


“I was made redundant in September 2020, after over 15 years of working in retail,” says Steven Leaver. “For a few years now, a long-term career in retail has been uncertain, but the Coronavirus pandemic is detrimental for many people’s future in the sector."

“With a young and growing family to look after, I was looking for a future-proofed career with more certainty of my role and development."


“Electrics offers a trade for life. Retraining wasn’t a straight-forward decision, and I needed to earn quickly, so college wasn’t an option for me."

“I found Options Skills online, and quickly started the eight week initial training course to begin the change to my new career. This helped me to fast track my journey to becoming a qualified electrician."

“I was also able to use some of my redundancy pay out to help cover the costs. My family couldn’t have been more supportive.”


“Redundancy gave me the opportunity to reset. I’d sort of ‘fell’ into retail as a job, but never intended for it to be my long-term career."

“As soon as the initial training was complete, the team at Options Skills gave me a handful of job leads and helped to set me up with my current employer."

“Things moved quickly – within one week of the first phone call, I was starting my new role."

“Options Skills has enabled me to earn and develop my practical skills while I continue to work towards my NVQ."

“I would definitely recommend Options Skills, particularly for anyone who finds themselves in my position.”

Case Study - Andrew Scudder


“I worked in debt management for a number of years. The money was good but I never really enjoyed the job,” says Andrew Scudder. “I’m a very practical person so I’d always been interested in doing something with my hands, like working in electrics."

“Due to the pandemic, my role at a debt management company was made redundant, so it gave me the opportunity to get into the career I’d always wanted to do.”


“My wife and I decided it was easier and more practical for me to train quickly over 6-7 weeks. Options Skills made that possible."

“I’d previously looked into night school, but the quicker course with Options Skills was a much better option for me. They were really responsive and I’m finding the course to be really good so far."

“The course gives you all the tools you need to get going – including theory and practical. I’m training with a great bunch of people too."

“The trainer is great – very experienced and informative. And he is always up for a laugh!


“Training in electrics was something I’d always wanted to do and had tried for a number of years."

“Training with Options Skills will allow me to get qualified easily and quickly, and they helped me to find employment alongside my training, which I’m really happy about. I’m really enjoying my new role."

“I would definitely recommend Options Skills to anyone looking to train as an electrician.”

Earn as you Learn - Retraining as an Electrician

Putting the spark back into your career

Options Skills is your one-stop shop for electrical training and employment. No matter your age, previous skill-set or current career, if you’re determined, we’re committed to getting you employed again.