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ACS Renewal at Options Skills provides existing gas engineers with the ability to renew their ACS qualifications at our training centres in Birmingham, London and Manchester

ACS qualifications must be renewed every five years to ensure gas engineers can continue working safely, legally and remain on the gas safe register.

Our ACS Renewal is for category 1 candidates, those with existing gas engineering skills, knowledge and experience. This also includes those looking to expand on their skills and scope of work by adding more appliances.

To be eligible for ACS renewal, your ACS qualifications must have expired within the last 12 months or be due to expire.

Options Skills also offer refresher and update training which can be undertaken prior to ACS renewal. Otherwise, you can opt for our assessment only package.

ACS Renewal Assessment

For your ACS Renewal exam, you will undertake written and practical assessments against the Domestic Suite of ACS Gas qualifications that include:

  • CCN1 Core Gas Safety (Includes CPA1 Flue Gas Analyser)
  • CENWAT Central Heating and Water Heater
  • CKR1 Gas Cookers
  • HTR1 Gas Fires

For more information, call today to request a full course syllabus at 0800 802 1306.

Assessment Information

  • Course Duration: Minimum 5 Days - Maximum 10 Days
  • Qualifications: ACS Gas Qualifications listed above
  • Accredited by:  LCL Awards

If you are a brand new entrant to the Plumbing and Gas Industry, you will need to undertake an approved managed gas training programme such as the Options Skills ACS Gas Training Course before you can be assessed for ACS Qualifications via Initial ACS Assessment.

ACS Renewal
ACS Renewal

* – if you have previously held ACS Gas Qualifications and were gas safe, you will need to go through a renewal process. In the situation that your qualifications expired more than 12-months ago, you will need to undertake Initial ACS Assessment. You will not be able to undertake reassessment.

Before acceptance onto an ACS Renewal Course, the following documentation must be provided:

  • Evidence of existing or previous gas qualifications and/ or most recent gas safe card
  • National Insurance number
  • 2 recent colour photographs

ACS gas training qualifications must be renewed every 5-years. This ensures that all practising gas safe engineers are always aware of current legislation and best practice within the industry. There are no exceptions to this rule regardless of the number of years’ experience that a person has gained.

Up to 31st December, 2020 Regulated qualifications and UKAS Accredited certificates of competence issued in the UK were widely recognised by other EU member states. However, since the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, individual member states that previously recognised a UK qualification may now no longer do so. Learners undertaking qualifications on the basis that it is recognised by an EU member state should in the first instance make enquiries with the relevant bodies in that Country to confirm its recognition status.