How to Become Gas Safe Qualified: Gas Safe Register Courses

If you want to know how to become gas safe qualified, we have Gas Safe Register Courses* here to help you on your way. You will need to ensure that your chosen training provider will be able to fulfil all of your training requirements that will enable you to ultimately gain ACS Gas Qualifications needed before you can apply to join the Gas Safe Register.

Entry into this fantastic industry is challenging but by no means impossible if you follow an approved or managed gas learning plan that will allow you to achieve your ambition of joining the Gas safe Register.

A managed learning plan will include three different stages that will help you gain the knowledge, skills, confidence and qualifications necessary before you can join the Gas Safe Register:

ACS Intital Assesment Training Underway At Options Skills
  • Stage One: Training and instruction in a supervised environment
  • Stage Two: On site work experience – GUARANTEED by Options Skills
  • Stage Three: Initial ACS Assessment

If you want to undertake Gas Safe Register Courses* and are serious about becoming gas safe registered you will need to be committed. This is not the sort of course that you can complete exclusively at home. Training will involve a number of stages that you must complete before you can undertake assessment for ACS Gas qualifications.

For more information on what’s included please request a full course syllabus.

  • Course Location: Manchester, Birmingham or London plus local on-site work experience
  • Qualifications: ACS Gas Qualifications
  • Accredited by: Logic Certification

The gas safe courses are available on a full or part time basis.

* People often search for Gas Safe Register Courses when they are thinking of training as a gas engineer. The training is actually a managed learning plan that results in ACS Gas Qualifications. It is these qualifications that will allow the holder to apply to and join the Gas Safe Register.

The UK plumbing and heating market is large and extremely mature. However it is highly fragmented and comprises mostly of small businesses and sole traders.

The industry is largely characterised by poor service and unreliability. Some tradesmen exploit their customers and rogue practice is regularly publicised. Consumers are therefore wary of who they appoint and often find it difficult to find reliable and trustworthy plumbers. When they do they use them again and again, and tell their friends, colleagues and relations too! The size and maturity of the plumbing and heating sector combined with the failure of the general competition to meet customer expectations represents the real opportunity to profit from a professional and customer-focused local service.

Gas Training Courses has devised its heating and gas training programme based on years of industry experience, creating a professional course and business support package that will help you capitalise on the huge opportunities that exist within the market.
Changing career is a major decision and one that cannot be taken lightly. It is a choice that can only be made after careful consideration and much thought.

If you make the decision to retrain for a new career as a qualified gas engineer you must ensure that your chosen provider will be able to meet your needs and deliver a quality service that will provide you with the perfect platform from which to launch your new career.

Gas Training Courses will offer you a great service in order to provide you with the best opportunity to start your new career as a qualified gas engineer. We will continue to offer you ongoing support even after you’ve qualified. Below are a number of reasons we believe Gas Training Courses is the right for you!
The units covered on our gas engineer training course include:

Gas safety legislation and standards
Emergency procedures
Combustion and flue gas analysis
Tightness testing and purging
Procedures for unsafe situations
Checking and setting regulators
Gas rate and heat output
Safety devices and controls
Flueing and chimney standards
Re-establishing gas supplies
Emergency service provider operative
Meter installation
Carbon monoxide/dioxide atmosphere sampling

You will be taught how to work with the following appliances:

Central heating boilers
Water heaters
Gas meters
Completing our professional gas training course will enable you to progress onto a variety of additional training courses that, in turn, will help you to achieve other advanced qualifications and further your career as a professional gas engineer. Here are some of the qualifications that candidates commonly work towards after completing this course:

Part P & 17th Edition
Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems
ACS Initial Assessment
ACS Re-assessment
Liquid Petroleum Gas Training


Training follows a logical 3-step approach designed to ensure you receive the best possible training and preparation for your new role as a gas engineer.

Gas Safe Register Courses has been developed to provide you with the most comprehensive gas training available. We have combined this with marketing support to help you benefit from the potential offered by owning your own plumbing and gas business.

To enable you to join the Gas Safe Register you must hold valid and current ACS Gas Qualifications. In order to gain these qualifications you must follow an approved training programme.

Gas Training Courses delivers centre led training and assessments that combine with mandatory on-site work experience that is known as portfolio building.

For your initial training you will attend one of our fully equipped gas training facilities where you will join a small group of like-minded people. We adopt a blended learning approach that combines essential theory and regulations with practical skills. You will learn from experienced professionals who have many years experience under their belts. Your initial training is followed by portfolio building before your return to the centre for assessment.

Gas Training Courses provides you with a seamless, logical and legal training pathway for you to follow to enable you to prepare you for your new role as a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
Gas Training Courses will guarantee to place you with a local, registered Gas Safe engineer. This placement is mandatory and is essential to your development. It will underpin your knowledge prior to your final exams. Click to view student requirements to complete a successful gas portfolio
You will not only benefit from a first class training experience, you will also be able to take advantage of exclusive offers. We are now offering all Trainees a completely RISK FREE opportunity to gain local customers and build your reputation within your area.

We are extremely confident that we can help you gain new customers. So much so, that we are offering the service completely FREE of charge for 12 months. are offering you a fantastic opportunity to promote your business with a fully managed personal website and multiple profile pages across the internet with sophisticated tracking tools so you can measure your own success and grow your business.


A mobile responsive website, completely free of charge. We will not ask you for a single penny up front to cover: • Server hosting and setup fees • Search Engine Optimisation • Google Maps & Google Business Directory. • Link Building and Integration with Social Media

Advanced call tracking that will allow you to monitor call volumes and performance for FREE.

• Local call forwarding number direct to your mobile • Access to our call tracking platform • Call whispering, allowing you to identify leads • Call recordings, for complete peace of mind • Comprehensive call stats and reporting

Collect customer reviews, helping you to grow and gather new customers through testimonials and word of mouth.

• Rating system allowing customers to provide feedback via your website • Send us updates, pictures of completed work and content to impress visitors and we’ll distribute to promote your website.

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