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Gas training for plumbers is suitable for practising plumbers, builders or even property developers.

Developed to allow plumbers and other skilled worked to expand their skill set and enable them to offer their customers a wider range of services.

Following a five-step approach, the gas training for plumbers course includes a mixture of theoretical and practical training, on-site work experience with a qualified gas engineer and essential assessments.

Accredited by LCL Awards, undertaking this gas training course will allow you to gain your ACS qualifications. Once you have gained those qualifications, you can apply for membership of the gas safe register.

Step One - Centre Led Training

Gas training for plumbers begins with centre led training in any one of our fully equipped training centres. Tutors with years of industry experience deliver the training, which is made up of both theoretical and practical work. Lasting for eight weeks, during this time, you will learn essential gas engineering knowledge and have the skills and ability to move onto step two.

Step Two - Heating Design

For two weeks, you will return to the centre for training and assessment in heating design. Covering Central Heating Design, Hot Water Storage Systems, Water Regulations, Heat & Energy Efficiency. These qualifications will underpin everything that you will do in your role as a heating engineer. In addition, many prominent contractors, insurers, housing associations and water authorities seek the qualifications listed below as evidence of knowledge, competence and compliance.

Step Three - Portfolio Building

Portfolio building consists of going out to work with an experienced gas engineer. During this time, you will undertake supervised gas work and collect evidence of it to make up your portfolio. Your portfolio must consist of a wide range of work and be of a suitable standard to allow you to proceed to step three. At Options Skills, we can guarantee to find you a gas safe engineer who is local to you to complete your portfolio with. Thanks to experience within the industry, we have an expansive network of gas engineers throughout the UK. The duration of step two varies from trainee to trainee. The awarding body set a minimum of 100 days and a maximum of two years to complete it.

Click to view student requirements to complete a successful gas portfolio

Step Four- ACS Initial Assessment

Your final step of training here at Options Skills will be your ACS Initial Assessment. Incorporating the full domestic suite of gas appliances, you will undertake verbal and practical assessments. It is upon passing the ACS assessment that you can apply to the gas safe register.

Step Five - Renewables

A vital element of the Gas & Renewables Training Course, heat pumps will form an integral part of the UK's strategy to meet its Net Zero targets. During the two-week training and assessment period, you will receive training in low water temperature system design, and installing and maintaining ground source and air source heat pumps. Assessment takes place through design scenarios, work performance activities and written examinations.

With the above suite of gas and heating qualifications, you will be eligle to apply for membership of the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme).

Gas Training For Plumbers
Gas Training For Plumbers

Up to 31st December 2020 Regulated qualifications and UKAS Accredited certificates of competence issued in the UK were widely recognised by other EU member states. However since the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, individual member states that previously recognised a UK qualification may now no longer do so. Learners undertaking qualifications on the basis that it is recognised by an EU member state should in the first instance make enquiries with the relevant bodies in that Country to confirm its recognition status.