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Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps


Our Heat pump training (along with the LTHHWS) allows successful learners to design, specify, install and maintain low-temperature heating systems incorporating heat pumps (both ground and air source).

Training will cover domestic and small commercial applications of air and ground source technologies and the requirements for application to the MCS.

The course is suitable for those wishing to enter the renewables sector, and is a necessary requirement to join the MCS.

Training takes place over five days, providing pre-requisites are met. However, we can tailor the course to suit and provide any extra training required.

LCL awards have designed the course to help build up a skilled workforce to help meet the government’s 600,000 heat pump installations annually target.

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Installation and Maintenance of Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Inspect, service and maintain heat pump systems
  • Know the health and safety risks and safe systems of work associated with heat pump systems.
  • Know the requirements of regulations and standards relating to the installation, testing and commissioning of heat pump systems.
  • Know the purpose and operational characteristics of heat pump system components.
  • Know the different types of heat pump systems and the arrangements for hydraulic emitter circuits.
  • Know the principles of heat pump selection and system design.
  • Know the fundamental design principles for ground source ‘closed loop’ heat pump collector circuit design, component sizing and installation.
  • Know the layouts of ‘open loop’ water-filled heat pump collector circuits.
  • Know the requirements to install, commission and hand over air source heat pump systems.
  • Know the requirements to install and test heat pump systems (non-refrigerant circuits).
  • Understand the requirements to commission heat pump system installations (non-refrigerant circuits).
  • Understand the requirements to handover heat pump system installations.
  • Be able to install heat pump systems.
  • Be able to test and commission heat pump systems.
  • Be able to test and commission an air source heat pump installation (non-refrigerant circuits).
  • Be able to handover a ground source heat pump installation.
  • Know the requirements for the non-refrigerant circuit routine service and maintenance of heat pump system installations.
  • Know how to diagnose and rectify defects and malfunctions in heat pump systems.
  • Know how to rectify non-refrigerant circuit faults in heat pump system installations.

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