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With so many different courses and training providers, as well as a variety of qualifications available, it can be difficult to understand exactly how to become a gas engineer. Luckily, here at Options Skills, we've made it simple. We've developed a 3-step ACS gas training course designed to take you from being a new entrant to a fully qualified gas safe engineer.

Before you join us, our experienced advisors will be able to go through the whole course with you, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. Once you begin your gas course, you will undertake centre-led training, on-site work alongside an experienced gas engineer and assessments. We aim to ensure you experience every aspect of gas engineer training and are competent in the trade.

With such a huge demand for skilled workers throughout the UK, there has never been a better time to train. For more information about how to become a gas engineer, take a look at our course pages, fill in our online contact form or call us today.

How To Become A Gas Engineer

Upon deciding that you want to train to become a gas engineer, it's essential that you choose the right training course for you and your circumstances. Research is key, whether that be asking those you know already in the industry, finding information online or talking to advisors. At Options Skills, our advisors are happy to answer any questions you may have and are dedicated to ensuring you find the right course for you. Whether you have existing commitments you need to work out or you're wondering how you'll fund the course, we can help.

ACS Gas Training  Course

Our ACS gas training course is perfect for anyone looking to enter the gas engineering industry. Suited to new entrants with no previous or limited experience, you'll be taught everything you need to know to become a gas safe registered gas engineer. With tutors who have years of experience leading the centre-led training and work experience with an existing gas engineer, you'll be in the best hands possible for your training. 

ACS Initial Training

ACS Initial training is an essential step of your training that takes place in step three. A practical and verbal examination, you will cover the domestic suite of gas qualifications. We also offer Initial training to those who have trained with another accredited training provider and followed a recognised learning plan that included mandatory on-site portfolio building. 

ACS Renewal

ACS qualifications must be renewed every five years to ensure you remain on the gas safe register and working legally. ACS Renewal can be undertaken with us here at Options Skills. You must hold current ACS qualifications or those which has expired within the last 12 months.

How To Become A Gas Engineer

Up to 31st December 2020 Regulated qualifications and UKAS Accredited certificates of competence issued in the UK were widely recognised by other EU member states. However since the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, individual member states that previously recognised a UK qualification may now no longer do so. Learners undertaking qualifications on the basis that it is recognised by an EU member state should in the first instance make enquiries with the relevant bodies in that Country to confirm its recognition status.