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Student requirements for successful gas portfolio

Step Two – Portfolio Building (Mentoring Program)

Minimum Duration 100 Days

Step Two of training is a legal requirement for anyone training to become a gas engineer.

The Industry Standard requires a student spends a minimum of 100 days building a portfolio of a wide range of gas work. This on-site experience must be done alongside a qualified gas engineer away from the study centre.

The portfolio acts as evidence of the work undertaken as a trainee and must be of acceptable quality to allow progression to the next stage of training.

Options Skills guarantee to provide students with a mentor with which to work. We endeavour to source this mentor in a student’s locality. However, all students must understand that this may not always be possible, and it may be that they have to travel to gain the practical experience necessary to build their portfolio. As the industry-standard requires completion of a practical portfolio, all students accept that they may be required to travel to gain that experience. This requirement is in line with the nature of the domestic gas and heating industry is such that registered gas installers must travel to their customers. The distances involved and area covered will differ on a case by case basis.

The time taken to complete the portfolio will vary from student to student, with a minimum duration of 100 days and a maximum duration of 2-years for completion of this stage of the training. A student’s availability, flexibility & preparedness to travel will influence the total time taken.

Once introduced, the students will pay the mentor directly for their time and will organise with them the supervising timetable and type of practical work that they can attend. Options Skills do not employ mentors. Mentors are active, qualified gas installers who will attend a variety of jobs but remember that due to the responsive nature of the industry, it is impossible to plan works too far in advance.

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain an active working relationship with their mentor. Options Skills is unable to manage day to day activity due to the nature of the industry. If you experience any difficulties in contacting your mentor or have any other issues regarding your portfolio of evidence, it is imperative that you contact Options Skills with immediate effect by email enquiries@options-skills.co.uk or by calling 0121 638 0958. 

Before moving onto stage three, trainees must pass a summative assessment. This assessment includes three written assignments, one practical assessment and portfolio evaluation. It is upon the completion and passing of this that a trainee can go onto book a place to complete their ACS Assessment.