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As part of our gas & renewables training programme, students will undertake Water Regulations (WRAS) - a one-day training programme leading to WRAS certification.

Training is delivered in centre and assessed through a multiple-choice paper.

WRAS certification is essential for plumbers and engineers looking to join their local water authorities Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme, a plumbing competent person schemes (CPS) or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registration bodies.

Certified by LCL Awards, the Water Regulations module is part of our full ACS Gas & Renewables Training Course. However, it can also be undertaken by existing gas and heating engineers as an add-on course.

Water Regulations

Students will be trained and assessed in the following areas:

  • Interpretation and definitions
  • Materials and substances
  • Requirements, design and installation
  • Backflow and contamination prevention
  • Hot and cold water services
  • Flushing devices
  • Sanitary appliances; both internal and external
Water Regulations