Professional Plumbing Courses from Options Skills have been developed for new entrants to this exciting industry.

We place a heavy emphasis on practical plumbing skills and combine that with suitable and worthwhile qualifications. The course combines both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to ensure students have a full understanding and adequate training.

You'll be taught by tutors with years of industry experience and therefore confident in the knowledge you're receiving high-quality training.

Training takes place in one of our fully equipped training centres either in Birmingham, London or Manchester.

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Our professional plumbing courses will allow you to train to be a plumber through teaching of critical copper pipework skills including bending, jointing and soldering of copper pipework; bathroom design and installation; installation and maintenance hot and cold water plumbing systems, installation of sanitary ware; the design, installation and maintenance of central heating radiators and circuits; installation of plastic pipework and push fit fittings.

Plumbing Course Information

  • Course Duration: 160 guided learning hours
  • Qualifications: Water Regulations 1999
  • Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating Installers (Part L)
  • Accredited by: Logic Certification

This course is available on a full or part-time basis. Training is also available on a modular basis. This is will allow you to train to be a plumber through a series a practical, hands-on training course. You may pick and choose the modules that will suit you from the Professional Plumbing Course.

Continuous professional development opportunities are also open to you as you may wish to progress from this stage and join a Gas Training for Plumbers course. 

By becoming Gas Safe Registered many plumbers find that they are able to capitalise on more work and job opportunities that present themselves. Gas engineers must have good pipework and plumbing skills. Quite often ‘plumbers’ are also qualified gas engineers that hold ACS Gas qualification and are members of the Gas Safe Register. This means that they can legally work on gas appliances and gas installations in the UK.

Many of our trainees follow this development plan as it gives them a competitive edge in the workplace. You can train to be a plumber by requesting a syllabus today. To receive your syllabus, complete the form on this page or by calling 0808 301 496 today.

Professional Plumbing Courses


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