Our NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course provides students with theoretical and practical experience of plumbing, giving them the opportunity and necessary training to become competent and confident plumbers.

Staff with years of industry experience deliver a three-step training course, designed and developed with students in mind. Teaching trainees the essential elements of plumbing and more, Options Skills provide a well-rounded NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course.

Class sizes are kept small, ensuring students receive the attention and support they require, and training can be undertaken on a full or part-time basis, allowing students to work around existing commitments.

Our NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course is available to students over the age of 16.

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Duration: Eight Weeks

For eight weeks, on either a full or part-time basis, students will attend our fully equipped training centre for the first step of the NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course. This section of their training will combine both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, teaching them the basics of the plumbing trade.

Throughout the eight weeks, students will cover several different units. This includes health and safety, hot and cold-water domestic systems, central heating domestic systems and pipework fabrication techniques. These units, plus others, will be assessed both practically and via online exams and assessments.

Practical skills are a fundamental part of plumbing work and during step one, students will undertake training to erect and safely use scaffolding, fabrication and jointing of copper, steel, and more, as well as installing various water systems and bathrooms suites.
Duration: Maximum 2 Years

Upon completion of the eight weeks centre led training, students will progress to step two of their plumbing training.

To gain their NVQ Level 2, students are required to complete a portfolio of work. Either employed or via work experience, trainees must undertake on-site installation, faulting finding and the maintenance of domestic plumbing situations.

Evidence of the work must be gathered in both photographic and written forms and testimonials from the employer/workplace provider must also be included in the portfolio.

During step two, NVQ assessors on a minimum of two occasions will observe the student on-site. The number of observations will vary for each student depending on the work being undertaken and the amount of evidence generated.
Once students have gained their NVQ Level 2 in Plumbing, they then have the choice to make between employment with an established company or becoming your own boss as a self-employed plumber.

The average salary of a recently NVQ Level 2 qualified plumber is approximately £20,000. This wage can increase significantly to around £30,000 depending on experience, hours workers and the types of plumbing jobs carried out.

Alternatively, those who have completed their NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training can progress to the Options Skills ACS Gas Training Course.

Plumbing students will only be required to undertake six of the eight weeks of centre led training in step one of the training course. After this, they can go out on-site to complete their gas portfolio.

Visit our course page for further information about our ACS Gas Training Course.
NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course
NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course

NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Training Course Syllabus

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Not only does training to become a plumber cost significantly less than going to university, but when you learn a trade you learn a skill for life. Plumbers are in high demand and because of this, they boast a generous salary. With a starting wage of £20,000, plumbers will see their salary increase as their experience level grows.

With the opportunity to become self-employed, plumbers can enjoy the benefits of flexible working hours, setting their own rates and choosing which jobs they undertake.

There is also room for growth in the industry. With several career options available to plumbers, it’s also common for plumbers to train to become gas safe engineers. This expands their skillset and increases their earning potential.
Options Skills are proud of the great service we offer to students, providing them with the best opportunity possible to start their new careers as plumbers. A dedicated student liaison manager is provided to ensure everything goes smoothly and as well as support throughout training, students will benefit from on-going support even after they've qualified.

Upon completion of the centre-led training and portfolio building and with a sufficient amount of evidence collected by an NVQ assessor, students will be awarded their NVQ Level 2 in plumbing.

After completing the course and gaining your NVQ, Options Skill will offer you your own website on Nice And Local to enable you to market yourself and your skills online.
Options Skills are in no way able to guarantee any student will pass. However, we do provide our students with expert training and that, combined with their hard work and dedication will give you the best opportunity to gain their NVQ Level 2.
Students must complete the eight weeks of the centre led training, followed by the on-site portfolio building in stage two.

Stage two varies in duration for each student as it is highly dependent on the time students put into building their NVQ portfolio.

There is no set time frame given for stage two, but it is expected to be completed within two years.