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1. How many centimetres are in 1 metre?
2. How many metres are in 1 kilometre?
3. How many millimetres are in 100 centimetres?
4. A car travels at 20 kilometres per hour, how far would it travel in 3 hours? (km/hour)
5. If a train travels at 1 kilometre a minute, how far would it travel in 1 and a half hours? (km)
6. If Ann is 7 and Tom is 5 years older than Ann, how old is Tom?
7. If a car travels 20 kilometres in 30 minutes how fast is it travelling in kilometres per hour? (km/hour)
8. The car uses 5 litres of fuel for every 55 kilometres it travels. How many litres of fuel does it need to travel 330 kilometres?
9. If a bath is filled with 200 litres of water and when the plug is removed it drains at a rate of 600 litres per hour how long will it take to empty?
10. If Jim sells 30 books for 1.50 each, how much money would he take in total? (£)
11. Simon has fitted a drain pipe that is 5 metres long. He needs to support the pipe every 0.5 metres How many supports does he need?
12. What is 50% of 100?
13. What is 50% of 80?
14. What is 25% of 200?
15. What is 1/3 of 90?
16. What is 1/4 of 400?
17. What is 1/4 of 80 plus 1/2 of 120?
18. What is 1/2 of 200 plus 1/2 of 300?
19.  The cube has a height of 5m, a length of 5m and a width of 3m. What is the volume of the cube? (m³)
20. What is the area of the square if its sides are 5m long? (m²)
21.  To calculate the area of a circle we use the equation A=πr².
If the radius of the circle is 4m, what is the area? Use π to TWO decimal places.  (m²)

John is making pizzas. He needs 4oz of flour, 6oz of cheese and 40g of pineapple rings for each pizza. John wants to make 4 pizzas. 

22. How much flour does he need? (oz)
23. How much cheese does he need? (oz)
24. How many pineapple rings does he need? (g)
25. The flour costs £1.20 for 8 oz. How much does the flour cost to make 4 pizzas?
26. The cheese costs £2.10 for 36oz. How much does the cheese cost to make 4 pizzas?
27. The pineapple rings cost £1 for a 50g tin, how much does the pineapple cost for each pizza?
28. How much does each pizza cost? (£)