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Select the correct word from the list to answer this set of questions.
1. I am _____ to London Zoo next week. I hope the weather is good.
2. I am going to _____ during the summer holidays
3. When I go to school tomorrow I must give my homework to the _____.
4. That person who ____ in front of the car must be mad!
5. The _____ was very tasty. I might have that again next week.
Write the correct spelling for the underlined word in the box to answer the next set of questions.
6. I jumpt off the wall onto the grass.
7. When she dropped the cup I thought it was going to brake.
8. The truble with some dogs is that they bark too loud.
9. The milk went everywhere, they had to clean the knew floor.
10. In summer you can see all the butiful flowers.
One word in each sentence is spelled incorrectly. Write the correct spelling in the box to answer the next set of questions.
11. The train timetable was realy useful.
12. The neighbours are very quiet. We can't even hear there television.
13. Jane poored the wine into the glass.
14. At the roundabout, go strait over and then turn left.
15. I brought that balloon from the shop in the high street. It cost 30p.
Select the correct spelling of the word from the list to answer the next set of questions.
16. That cheese and _____ sandwich looks really tasty.
17. The _____ of the Opera was a great musical.
18. My _____ came to my birthday party.
19. There are only _____ more days left until we go on our holiday.
20. The salad was perfect when I added the _____.
Read the text below and answer the next set of questions by selecting the correct word.

Dear Louise,

Peter said you were very upset because of the problem with your washing machine. He thought the problem might be the pump.

I think the problem is actually the switch. The only way to be sure is to get a professional plumber, like the ones I always use, to have a look at it. I will contact this company and ask them to ring you to make an appointment to come round to your house.

Please don't get too upset, I am sure they will be able to fix the machine quite quickly but it might take some time to order the spare parts.

Whatever you do, don't let Peter take the washing machine apart. It would be very dangerous and he could hurt himself and the machine. Only use a qualified plumber.

Best wishes,
21. John has written this letter to warn Louise that Peter should not attempt to repair the washing machine himself because it would be _____.
22. John always uses a company of _____ plumbers.
23. The problem with the washing machine has made Louise _____.
24. Peter thinks the problem with the washing machine may be the _____.


Please select the correct answer from the list or enter the answer in the boxes as appropriate, to answer the following questions.
25. 12 + ___ = 0
26. 13 - 6 = 1 + ___
27. 1/4 = /20
28. Peter gets £8.00 a week pocket money. He shared this equally between himself and his 3 brothers. How much did each brother get?

29. Which of these numbers shows twenty three thousand seven hundred and eighty two?
30. Which is the smallest number?
31. What is the perimeter of the floor? (m)

32. What is the area of the floor? (m²)

33. 32 + 16 - 7 =
34. Round the number 755 to the nearest 100
35. What time is shown on the clockface?

36. What measurement is highlighted by the arrow on the ruler? (mm)
37. What is the total amount of rain that fell in the Spring and Autumn seasons?


38. 3.8 ÷ 10 =
39. Andy is buying a new car. The car's normal price is £2000 but there is a 15% off sale at the showroom. What is the sale price of the car Andy wants?


40. What is the reading on the ruler in centimetres (cm) by the arrow below?
41. The picture below shows 3 linked gears. If Gear A rotates clockwise, in which direction will Gear B move?

42. The three water storage tanks below have all developed leaks. Which one shows the correct pattern of water flow from the respective leaks?

43. The circumference of the circle below is given by the equation C = 2 x P x R, where R is the radius and P is approximately 3. If the circumference of the circle is 12cm what is the radius of the circle?
44. The cuboid below, not drawn to scale, measures 5 cm x 3 cm x 2 cm. What is the volume of the cuboid in cm³?

45. What is 1/2 of 50%?
46. What is 6 x 4/6?
47. What is 3 x 1/4?
48. What is 1/10 of 30%
49. The missing number in the following sequence is?

1, 2, 4, 8, ??, 32, 64
50. The next number in the following sequence is?

10, 11, 13, 16, 20, ??
The following text shows the answers to the top four frequently asked questions (FAQs) asked by installers of the “Splash Shower System Company”. Use this text to answer the four questions that follow it:

The “Splash” Divine range of ‘All in One’ power showers are products which have the pump and mixing valve in one box. They only require a minimum distance of 75mm from the base of the cold-water cistern to the top of the “Splash” Divine case. This is to ensure there is enough ‘gravity fed water’, to prime the internal pump. This vertical distance will need to be increased in direct proportion to how far the product is away from the stored cold-water supply.

The “Splash” Therm One shower is the first thermostatic electric shower, (controlling to +/- 1 degree centigrade) available. It incorporates push button control for flow and on/off control plus a version with extended lever temperature control for easier grip. A maximum temperature setting can currently be set to ensure the outlet temperature does not exceed 43 degrees centigrade.

When the “Splash” Therm One 10.8kW shower is installed on a 240v supply it requires a 45 Amp supply fuse. To minimise voltage drop, and thereby maximise shower performance the minimum cable size required must not less than 6mm. All “Splash” electric showers will accommodate up to 10mm cable and the “Splash” Therm Two, up to 16mm. Use the shortest possible cable route from the consumer unit to the appliance.

Do not connect a “Splash” Dream 3 to a mains water supply, as product damage will occur, and Water Regulations will be contravened. The “Splash” Dream 3 is designed to be gravity fed from a cold-water storage cistern. The “Splash” Dream 3 is not a power shower and a higher flor rate will not be achieved in installed on mains pressure. A ‘power shower’ is one where stored hot and cold water is pumped via a mixing valve.

The next four questions relate to the previous text:
51. What is the maximum size of the cable that can be used with the Therm Two shower?
52. What is the maximum outlet temperature that the thermostatic electric shower can be set for?
53. In the “Splash” Divine range, what is the minimum vertical distance between the base of the cold-water cistern and the top of the “Splash” Divine case?
The picture below shows the equation y = 2(x + 3) when plotted on a graph. Using this graph or otherwise, answer the three questions that follow:
54. What is the value of y when x = 3?
55. What are the coordinates of point B?