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Gas Training Room Refurbishment

Gas Training Room Refurbishment

At Options Skills, we’re always looking for ways to improve the training we deliver to students and their overall experience. From updating course plans to creating new resources, we consistently update, upgrade and improve where possible. And our latest project was the refurbishment of one of our gas workshops in Birmingham. Unit 107 is home to […]

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Gas Engineers You Should Be Following

Student in the gas engineers workshop

Whether you’re an existing engineer or you’re a new entrant to the trades, these are the gas engineers you should be following online. Social media is a powerful tool for business. It can act as a portfolio, allow you to get to know your existing customers, and reach new ones. Not only that, but social media […]

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Renewable Energy: Fact Or Fiction

Gas engineer trainee working on a boiler - Going Green

Everyone is talking about going green and renewable energy – from supermarkets and clothing brands to energy companies and the government. There’s no getting away from the fact that we need to act now to decarbonise the UK, but how we’re going to do that is where things get a bit confusing. Rumours have spread, […]

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Public Response To Going Green

Two engineers in the gas workshop shop - public going green

In the late 1970s, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) first expressed concern over human activities and our effect on the planet. (Source: Soas) Since then, people have made everything from small changes to completely overhauling their lifestyles. However, now more than ever, we’re seeing a significant difference in people’s attitudes and practices towards living greener. The […]

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How Will Decarbonisation Impact Newly Qualified Gas Engineers?

Trainee gas engineers in the workshop - newly qualified gas engineerse

With the ongoing threat of climate change, nations across the globe are working to tackle it and move away from fossil fuels, but what does it mean for newly qualified gas engineers?  There’s rarely a day that goes by when climate change isn’t in the news – and for a good reason. Climate change has already […]

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Who Are Options Skills Trainees? And Where Are They Now?

Plumbing trainee teaching an Options Skills trainee copper piping skills

The trades industry has never been more diverse. While historically, tradespeople were typically working-class men who left school and went straight into work, there are now plenty of people bucking the trend. With stereotypes fading away, the trades industry has opened up to more people than ever before. Regardless of your background, career history, age and […]

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What Are The Trades?

Two gas trainees installing copper piping

The trades are a vast industry of various roles, skills and specialities. Generally, “tradesperson” or “skilled worker” describes those who completed vocational education, including on-site training/work experience. The trades are divided into three categories. First is the skilled industry trades, including welders, mechanics and programmers. The construction trades include electricians, bricklayers and gas engineers. The […]

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Industry Response To Decarbonisation

White cast iron radiator

How has the industry responded to the decarbonisation plans for the UK? The 2020 budget report stated plans for the carbon from UK homes to be “virtually zero” in just thirty years. So what does this mean for the current gas industry? With most of the UK’s homes using gas for heating, could 23 million […]

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Hydrogen | The Answer To Net-Zero Heating?

Model of a green house placed on faux grass

80% of the homes in the UK currently use natural gas for heating and cooking. So, convincing homeowners to switch to an alternative may take some time. But, as natural gas is one of the most prominent creators of carbon emissions and we’re currently facing a gas shortage, it’s time we switched to an eco-friendlier […]

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Will More UK Homes Adopt Solar Heating Systems?

Solar heating panels

As we move away from using fossil fuels for power, industry leaders, manufacturers, and homeowners are looking for other ways to heat homes. Solar panels are one option that many people are already using – mainly to work alongside their gas heating. But are they a viable option for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative? […]

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