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15 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

Person pulling sleeve back to look at watch on wrist indicating time management

As a tradesperson, there’s a lot you’ll need to juggle – from being on the tools and travelling to jobs to completing admin and marketing yourself. It may seem like an impossible task to tick everything off our daily to-do lists, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of steps you […]

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Essential Tools For Gas And Heating Engineers

Large blue gas engineers servicing kit

Dave Judge, Gas Engineer and Director of Compliance, shares the essential tools for gas engineers to have in their kit, what brands to look out for and whether quality tools really have to cost a lot of money. So the most common questions we get asked as trainers are: What tools do I need? What […]

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Is Gas Engineering Still A Viable Career?

Gas engineering trainee working with copper pipes

With the increased media focus on gas prices, the environmental impact of fossil fuels, advances in hydrogen production, and the growth of the renewables industry, it is easy to believe that the use of natural gas has had its day. The supply of natural gas is indeed getting scarcer by the year. It’s also indisputable […]

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Domestic Heating Systems Explained

Trainees working in domestic heating systems

Heat pump technologies work more effectively when coupled with correctly designed central heating systems. But, before discussing the system design for heat pumps, it is worth examining the common system types used for domestic wet systems. The descriptions below are simplified and meant as a rough guide only. Conventional Systems Conventional systems became affordable to […]

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Tradespeople Earn More Than University Graduates

Trainee gas engineer working on a boiler in the workshop

A survey undertaken by Selco Builders Warehouse has revealed tradespeople are happier and earn more than university graduates. Surveying over 500 tradespeople, Selco wanted to determine how their experiences differ from those who attended and graduated university. Higher education doesn’t necessarily guarantee high earnings and security like it once did. So with many people considering […]

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Upskilling In The Trades Industry

Trainee is kneeling in an electrical workshop bay

Have you ever considered upskilling? Upskilling is simple. It means adding to your existing knowledge and skill set. In doing so, you can keep up with the industry and ensure you don’t have skill gaps. Skill gaps may not seem like a big deal if you’re already in a job, but not gaining new skills […]

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Could You Become A Mentor?

Two electrical students taking notes at workshop bench while another works in the bay behind them

In 2020, the ongoing financial difficulties for the UK economy saw many electrical businesses putting their recruitment and growth plans on hold. However, as COVID-19 restrictions ease, the economy begins to grow again, and ambitious electrical companies can now revisit these plans and develop their business by expanding their team and becoming mentors. How do […]

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Tradespeople Share Their Customer Horror Stories

Gas trainee taking notes during gas cooker service

These are just some of the horror stories tradespeople have to share, from the downright dirty to utterly bizarre. Working in the trade means every day is different. With every new job comes new customers, new houses and new challenges along the way. You never know what you’ll find when you turn up at the house […]

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How To Spot A Cowboy Customer

Gas trainee working on a boiler while another trainee takes notes

We’ve all heard the phrase “cowboy builder” before, and there is no denying there are rogue tradespeople out there and the public need to be wary. But we don’t hear the phrase “cowboy customer” quite as much despite being much more common. Speak to any tradesperson, and they’ll have a few customer horror stories to […]

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What Makes The Perfect Customer?

Gas trainee testing a gas boiler using an Anton analyser

Tradespeople meet new customers regularly, some they love, some they don’t. Not every customer can be ‘the perfect customer’ because what that means varies for everyone. However, though everyone has different preferences, there are a few things that most tradespeople appreciate. So, what do they say makes the perfect customer? Being Left Alone To Work […]

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